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A transparent look into the business of coliving.

Exploring Coliving as a business: The pros, cons and alternatives

Matt Denham: Founder of Evolve Coliving

I always wanted freedom above all else. Freedom of time, money and location.  

But I was stuck living with my parents, working 9 hours a day for a company in London, not making enough to save more than £50/m.

I justified the grind by telling myself everybody starts like this and I just needed to get experience and in hindsight, I was just distracting myself from the misery by hitting the gym 6x a week. 

After a year, I cracked. I had met an amazing girl, Ola, who later co-founded all five of our coliving homes since 2016.

After just three months of dating in London, we upped and moved to Vancouver and this was where it all started!

Now, after many mistakes, trying hindered of different models with thousands of different members, you get 45 minutes to ask all the questions you like about coliving as a business. 

My goal is to help push the industry forward and give digital nomads and myself more options when travelling!

Note: I will not share our specific financials, but I will help you establish your own.

€75/45mins - Book a call below. 

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Building A Coliving Business: A path to freedom

I've considered putting everything I've learned into a course for a while now. 

First I will develop a free training 😊

If you are interested, sign up for the list below and reply to the welcome email with the questions you want answered. What is stopping you from starting your coliving business? 

The first 100 subscribers to this list will get 50% off the paid course when it is released 🚀

Catch you soon ✌️

Coliving Consultation Frequently Asked Questions

Will I learn everything I need in 45 minutes?
No 😅 you will probably have more questions than answers. Of course, this is the process of starting to become aware of what you previously didn't know, and this is still progress 🙂
Are you available for further calls?
It will be on a case-by-case basis, but we may be able to figure something out if it is the right fit for both parties.
Why is your model the best?
It isn't. There are many different models and approaches. Based on my goals, I have settled where I am and it is the best I have found for me. I am still always testing, learning and evolving 😊
What will I learn on the call?
That will depends on what stage you are at and what questions you ask, but I will also do my best to make sure you are asking what I believe to be the right questions based on where you are right now.
What guarantee do you offer?
My goal is to help push the industry forward, and give digital nomads and myself more options when traveling!

So I will give you the best of what I have learnt from experience since 2016, and so I am not willing to make any full money-back guarantee. 

I only guarantee I will answer your questions honestly and to the best of my ability.

However, if you are not happy with the call, I am happy to offer the call for €45 😊
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