The Ultimate Guide: For A Smooth Arrival To Evolve

Hey there Evolver!

Exciting times are ahead. You're officially an Evolver and your experience starts here! 🥳

Here's your all-in-one, fun-packed guide to getting settled.

Here is a link for some basic practical info about EVOLVE to orientate yourself


At least one week before arrival

Whatsapp us by clicking here

1) Your estimated arrival time

2) Three fun facts about yourself so we can introduce you to the crew 😎


Location, Location, Location!

Find us tucked away at: 30 Dimora, Triq Il-Venew, San Gwann, SGN 1912


Catch those strong WiFi waves with

Setup: Two providers delivering  1000/60Mbps through a dual balancing custom router to a wired mesh network.

Name: evolvecoliving

Password: lovingmalta


Arriving in Style

For an easy 15-minute ride from the airport, hop into an Ecabs or Bolt taxi (€16-20).


First Impressions

Your cosy room awaits, all dressed up with fresh towels and fluffy pillows by 3 pm. Feel free to enjoy our communal spaces if you arrive earlier.


Your Go-to Contact

Reach out on WhatsApp at +356 77906679 (or click here to WhatsApp us) for any questions or queries, Monday to Friday, 9 am-5 pm.


Urgent Matters

For emergencies (think fire, flood, WiFi apocalypse, or sewage sorrows), ring us at +356 77704345, or +356 77398754 if there's no answer.


Welcome Wagon

Check-ins between 9 am-5 pm on weekdays include a personal welcome.

Arriving outside these hours? Don't worry, this handy video guide will show you the ropes until we can meet for a full house tour. 


For reference, Your code to open the front door will be given when you WhatsApp us at +356 7770 4345 or by clicking here


🔑 To enter property: Press three fingers FLAT on the locks' BLACK SCREEN to activate/until you see the digits light up > Enter your code and * ( Twist the lock and push the door. - There is also a demo in the handy video guide above.

Remember, I will also be available on WhatsApp at +356 77906679 for any queries, you can message direct by clicking here


The Golden Rules

  • Tidy up after yourself.
  • If you don't cook, you clean, that's the deal for shared dinners.
  • Back garden / kitchen terrace lights out by 11 pm.
  • Pay your debts.
  • If someone's laundry is done, take it out and put it on a chair or shelf (expect the same if yours is done!).

We can't wait to welcome you!



The Evolve Squad 🚀


P.s. As a tiny bootstrapped company with community in mind, we focus on finding amazing people and maintain a minimum of one month stay ❤️

You have our full attention regarding repairs and maintenance, and we do all we can. However, because of the severe lack of skilled workers in Malta and the short-term rentals who pay big bucks to be prioritised 😅 we ask for patience as a one-week minimum for repairs to be made is often unavoidable.

Evolve Coliving, 30 dimora, Triq il Venew, San Ġwann SGN 1912
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Evolve Team

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