Coliving in Malta, Europe

Why Coliving is the future for Digital Nomads and remote workers

The pandemic has changed the way we work forever. Paving the way for some of us to live and work from anywhere.

Remote work gives us the amazing opportunity to move freely, chase our dreams and collect unforgettable new experiences while at the same time strengthening networking and business prospects.

And this is where the great concept of coliving comes into play. Coliving is the future for Digital Nomads and remote workers as it is changing how we live and connect.

We from Evolve Coliving are here to put the pieces together and will help you to find your tribe and build your business while having the time of your life.

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What is Coliving?

Coliving is a global movement and has the power to change the world. It’s not just a term, it’s a lifestyle!

Being able to live anywhere on this beautiful planet gives you the chance to explore places like a local and make deep connections.

Coliving spaces are very exclusive and comfortable houses or properties, which will quickly become your home away from home.

They are fully furnished and have all features such as gym, pool, Jacuzzi and chill out areas that provide the basis for a healthy and productive life.

Coliving is affordable and
rewarding at the same time

Since you are sharing the coworking and common spaces with other Digital Nomads and entrepreneurs coliving is a very affordable and rewarding way of living.

Coliving spaces are affordable, because they are all-inclusive type of accommodations saving you high coworking and gym fees.

On the other hand, coliving is very rewarding as you are living together with other business owners and entrepreneurs, which makes it easy to build a strong network and very rewarding business relationships.

Finally, coliving offers you a lot of flexibility as you don’t have fixed-term leases giving you the opportunity to come and go whenever you want after your one month stay.

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The value of sharing

“Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it.” (Albert Schweitzer)
Sharing experiences is making them more enjoyable and bringing people around you closer, as it is simply more fun, when others are involved.

We are living in a sharing society and have embraced the concept of sharing food, taxi rides, experiences, and homes.
Coliving makes sharing experiences and costs much more convenient, while nurturing deeper connections among Digital Nomads all around the world.

Here are some of the major benefits of sharing:
1. Establish deep connections and meaningful relationships
2. Develop a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle
3. Build the basis for long-lasting happiness
4. Exchange wisdom and broaden your perspective

What makes EVOLVE
Coliving unique?

Working from home or remotely, can sometimes be isolating and even depressing. Not so at Evolve Coliving as we are offering a family-vibe, while promoting a fun and healthy lifestyle.

Evolve is a small, independent company founded by fun and freedom-loving people that are not guided by large corporate interests.

Our Values at Evolve are:

  • Consideration: Keep in mind how our actions affect others.
  • Sustainability: See the bigger picture and long term results of your actions.
  • Rationality: To ground ourselves in reason and logic.
  • Accountability: To acknowledge mistakes and learn from them.
  • Hard Work: Nothing good comes easy.
  • Openness: Be adventurous, creative and open-minded.
  • Integrity: An uncompromising adherence to what is right and fair even in the face of conflict.
We want to do what we do really well, stay small and provide real value. Therefore we made the following decisions.
Coliving Space Malta
Private Coliving Space

All rooms are private -
No dorms

We decided to make all rooms private to give our Digital Nomads enough privacy once needed.

Private space is essential for focus, productivity and wellbeing as you will only be able to produce quality work, when you are rested and balanced.

One Month minimum stay to create a family vibe

Time is a crucial factor, in order to reach our aim of creating a family vibe and long-lasting relationships between our guests.

Having a one-month minimum stay is simply a good way to counteract the superficiality of interactions and building a strong network and deep connections among Digital Nomads.
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Frequent community events as integral part

Frequent community events such as spa days, cooking, hikes, hot tub evenings, picnics, parties, shared dinners or movie and games nights are an integral part at Evolve coliving.

We provide the tools and encourage our guests to take the initiative and organise the things they want to experience on the beautiful island of Malta.

Reason behind this is that the organisation often proves to foster a real sense of community and be just as much, if not more fun, than the event itself. All events serve to keep our community active, vibrant and connected.

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