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As coworking continues to become more and more popular, it’s high time to provide the most comprehensive guide and answers to the questions: What is Coworking and what is a coworking space?

In addition to that, we will also introduce you to the best coworking spaces in Malta.

What is coworking?

Coworking is a fantastic concept developed for Digital Nomads, business owners and freelancers, who share an office, also called a coworking space.

It enables them to save costs by sharing equipment, utilities and infrastructure, while at the same time avoiding the feeling of social isolation and promoting networking and business partnerships.

Coworking is quickly changing the way we work and has become a global movement.

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What is a
coworking space?

The definition of coworking is when people gather in a neutral coworking space to work independently on different projects.

A coworking space looks different than a normal office, since it attracts a completely different crowd consisting of freelancers and Digital Nomads, instead of employees.

Coworking spaces are tailored towards remote workers offering a fun environment and all amenities such as high-speed internet, printers, a separate conference room for calls plus tea, coffee, and snacks.

The biggest difference is that they offer a lot of flexibility as you can decide yourself how long you want to stay and how many days you want to work from there without having to sign a long-term lease.
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The Evolve
coworking space

For Digital nomads one of the most important things is to have a fast and stable internet connection in order to be able to get their work done.

At Evolve coworking in Malta, we are offering high-speed internet with 500Mbps download speed, printer free coffee and tea and as much comfort as possible.

When you are staying at Evolve Coliving then you will have access around the clock to our coworking space.
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Build your network and
gain free knowledge

But this is only one of many benefits of coworking at Evolve as our focus is on building strong networks and sharing knowledge.

Professional growth doesn’t happen online, but when communicating and collaborating with other people.

We are further enhancing this through regular networking events and skillshare session, where our guests discuss topics such as Social media marketing, SEO, coding, design or photography.
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Benefits of coworking

Coworking has a lot of benefits for Digital Nomads, that’s why we decided to list the biggest ones below:
Build your network by working alongside other Digital Nomads and entrepreneurs
Gain expert knowledge FOR FREE through regular skillshare sessions
Flexible lease and less commitment
Save up to 70% by switching from an office to a coworking space
Benefit from a healthy work-life balance
Reduce loneliness; enhance connection
Bring structure and productivity to your working day
Benefit from different places to work from such as common, private and conference rooms
Increased productivity means more output is from the same amount of input
Get out of your 
comfort zone

The History of Coworking

  • 1995 The first coworking space is founded by a group of hackers in Berlin. The original idea was to share knowledge, space and information to be able to complete complex tasks. The word “coworking” is invented by Bernard DeKoven, who defined it as working together as equals.
  • 2002 The first coworking space in the world opens in Vienna, Austria in an old renovated factory.
  • 2006 The first full-time coworking space opens at the Hat Factory in San Francisco. At this time, there were around 30 coworking spaces worldwide.
  • 2007 The term “coworking” is added to the Google database and Wikipedia.
  • 2008/2009 The first Digital Nomads meetups take place as well as the first Coworking conference in Brussels in 2010.
  • 2011 Large companies begin to look into coworking and start to open their own chain of coworking spaces focusing on corporate coworking.
  • 2012 There are more than 2,000 coworking spaces worldwide. The hashtag “coworking” is trending on Twitter for the first time ever.
  • 2013 The magical 100,000-mark of Digital Nomads working from a coworking space is reached.
  • 2016 The coworking and coliving idea develops further. WeWork is offering coliving in New York named WeLive. The ensuite rooms are mainly studios with some on and two bedroom apartments and all have a private kitchen.
  • 2017 Work does fundraising and becomes the highest valued US tech company at $20 Billion. 1.2 million people worldwide have worked at a coworking space.
  • 2018 The coworking market is growing and there is more competition. A variety of big players such as Venture X, Impact Hub and Serendipity are entering the space.
  • 2019/2020 Revolutionary coworking, coliving and Digital Nomads platforms like CoCoHub and DropDesk are rising to the scene to fill the void between coworking spaces and remote workers.
  • By 2024 The coworking scene is growing so fast that the number of coworking spaces worldwide is estimated to reach more than 40,000 in 2024.
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