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The Ultimate Coliving and Coworking Malta
INSTANT COMMUNITY in Malta for 25-35 year old digital nomads.

Stay with us and find your tribe. Make connections that last a lifetime, do work you're proud of and have fun in the sun in our home for Digital Nomads, Entrepreneurs and Remote Workers.
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Mission & Vision

We find and connect awesome people to create a strong and lasting community. 

We strive to build a global community by securing 5 homes in 5 of the top digital nomad locations around the world.

The White House

Join us for 1-6 months for an immersive coliving and coworking experience.

We are not a student or party house. We are suitable for both extroverted and introverted, ambitious and professional 25-45yo Digital Nomads, Remote Workers & Entrepreneurs. 

In addition, to access to the community and events, you get access to the home which is designed for remote workers and has strong 500/20 WIFI | 12 Private Rooms | 4 Suites | Co-Working | 1261m2 of shared space | Huge pool | Rooftop Jacuzzi | Gym | Double Kitchen | Large Living Room | Open Fireplace | Table Tennis and more.
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Private catamaran. days

Connect in style with sun, fun and rum! 

In addition to our coliving and coliving, we now offer epic catamaran days. 

Only available to Evolve Members!
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300 Days

WTF IS Evolve Coliving Malta?

Want to hack life? 🚀 Find your tribe? Get inspired and get shit done? ❤️

Welcome to Evolve Coliving! We are a strong and vibrant community of 25-45yo digital nomads, remote workers and entrepreneurs, all coliving and coworking on the beautiful and very sunny island of Malta ☀️

Evolve offers a one-of-a-kind community experience where like-minded digital nomads come from around the world and form relationships that last a lifetime do work they are proud of and have fun in the sun, all in Evolves huge coliving home in San Gwann, Malta.

Evolve Coliving Malta is a small independent business built as an epic lifestyle hack for fellow freedom seekers.

We are the only coliving space in Malta and have an active and vibrant community who live at The White House, which has 15 rooms with workspaces, an on-site coworking, pool, BBQ, gym, lounge area, double kitchen rooftop Jacuzzi and chill area.


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Find your tribe.

Homes and countries change, but the relationships are what remain. These connections and relationships are the foundation of coliving, and our focus will always stay on bringing amazing humans together, in a natural environment where connection is easy.
About coliving

Get s**t done.

Are you thriving or surviving? On average, we spend 40hrs / wk, 1880hrs / yr and 92,000hrs a lifetime getting s**it done. At Evolve, we wanted to create an environment that supercharges that time. And working around other driven and ambitious professionals is a huge part of that.
About coworking
Coliving Space
Best Coliving and Coworking Space

Have fun.

Pool parties, BBQ's, beach days and late-night jacuzzi hangs. Trivia, games nights, skill shares and workshops. Windsurfing, kitesurfing and full-day private catamaran trips to stunning islands. The FOMO is real! And having a social life really supercharges your work.
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  • I have made lifelong friends from across the world. It was a truly amazing experience and I’ll look back on my time there as one of the happiest periods of my life. Can’t recommend it enough.
    Step T
  • If you are looking for a place to call home while you're in Malta, I would absolutely recommend Evolve.
    Genevieve Bailey
  • It was more than a place to stay, it was the perfect place for life balance, everyone there has a unique talent. I got inspired by the great people there and shared a lost of activities like cooking, Yoga, workout, hiking and a new ways to start your own business.
    Will definitely recommend it for everybody, specially digital nomads.
    Mostafa Hosny
  • This place has exceeded all my expectations!
    I originally planned to stay only one month, but it ended up being 4 months because I liked it so much.
    Frederike Weißmann
  • Truly amazing place. The villa is enormous, with plenty of facilities, but the best thing about Evolve is the community. The people here are very warm, friendly and make you feel like home. Definitely recommend this place!
    Alin Ivan
  • Matt and Ola have truly created more than just a place to stay. When you live here, you get a room plus a whole lifestyle, and it is one that I really love! As a newbie in Malta, I immediately made good friends. The house's atmosphere is warm and positive. We never get bored, collectively organising day trips, sports, and activities, nights out together, or just hanging out in the garden with a few beers and a barbecue. In my time here, we have been on a boat trip, started dinner and movie nights in the house, joined a regular football game every week, and much more.
    John Watt
  • The house itself was beautiful. it was great to be surrounded by other co-workers. Over the 3 months we enjoyed lots of events including dinners, nights out, workshops, diving trips etc... would recommend for anyone who fancies exploring a new place and meeting lots of great people! ♥
    Katherine Maloney

Meet Our
Digital Nomads

Evolve Coliving has been operating since 2016,  and since 2020 on the Digital Nomad Island Malta.

Since then we have hosted countless Digital Nomads and remote workers in our coworking and coliving space.

Meet our Digital Nomads, and let’s hear from those, who have lived here:

What Makes Evolve Unique.


Evolve has an insane property. With 16 rooms and 1268m2 of shared space, including a huge pool, bar, BBQ, gym, rooftop jacuzzi, double kitchen with open plan lounge, coworking and more. Evolve is Big, beautiful and practical for a community to live in. 


We encourage longer but have a minimum stay of 1-month. This fosters a real sense of community and allows for true connection among all members, with time being a key contributor to building lasting and meaningful relationships. 


Pre-booking calls to ensure the right fit all around. This explains our concept and approach in more detail and asks some information from you to ensure that both parties have a great experience.
What distinguishes us from other coliving spaces?
In this fast-paced and sometimes isolating world, our aim is to facilitate a relaxed and warm environment, where developing a real and genuine connection is natural and easy. We are stronger together and coliving and coworking is all about community.

That’s why our goal is to build long-lasting relationships between Digital Nomads and create a sense of family and belonging beyond the stay in our homes.

Evolve is more than a normal coliving, it’s a fun and life-changing experience! What distinguishes us from the remaining coliving Europe spaces is that our tribe is like a family.

We are doing lots of networking and community events such as shared dinners, boat parties, pub crawls and road trips to the neighbouring islands of Gozo and Comino.

We have a work hard, play hard mentality and are all about getting shit done, while having fun in the sun!
Community comes first at Evolve Coliving
Community comes first at Evolve Coliving. By joining the Evolve family, you automatically become a part of a vibrant and international Digital Nomads community of like-minded people.

Through frequent community dinners, games nights and heaps of shared activities we bring great people together and are quickly establishing deeper connections between them.

We are offering the following community activities at Evolve Coliving:

• Weekly shared dinners
• Boat parties on a stunning catamaran
• Exclusive Discounts on the best Malta activities such as Diving, Archery, car rental as well as for selected restaurants and bars
• Legendary pub crawls and house parties
• Comedy and games nights
Our Malta coliving and coworking space
Evolve Coworking is where Digital Nomads and remote workers get together.

Coworking at Evolve isn’t just about sharing an office space, it’s about building networks with successful entrepreneurs and sharing knowledge.

Professional growth doesn’t happen online, but in real life, when exchanging life experience and wisdom with fellow Digital Nomads.

We are further strengthening this foundation by organizing regular skillshare sessions on the most relative topics such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Logos & Branding, creative writing as well as stock and crypto trading.
What is Coliving?
Coliving is a revolutionary community living concept for Digital nomads and remote workers.

Coliving spaces are stylish, exclusive properties catering to various life styles and tastes.

Residents get an ensuite bedroom in a fully-furnished stunning property equipped with all amenities such as a pool, Jacuzzi, gym and high speed internet.

On top of that, a coliving space offers very comfortable shared common areas with the coworking being a vital point as this is where digital nomads work together to exchange ideas and wisdom.

The biggest advantage of coliving is that you can socialize and set up long-lasting friendships with like-minded people, while at the same time build a strong network with other entrepreneurs to accelerate your business.
Why Evolve Coliving?
• We prioritise enhancing the environment by providing a dynamic made for building deeper connections through a minimum of one month stay and private rooms.
• No hostel vibes. No quick hello, goodbye. Only real relationships and real connections.
• We are for 25-45 years ambitious and business-focused Digital Nomads and remote workers.
• We implement a diligent screening process, so you are guaranteed to find like-minded people and great connections.
Why Malta is the Ultimate Digital Nomad Island?
You are probably asking yourself, why should I choose Malta? Well, there is a reason, why Malta is considered the Mediterranean Digital Nomad Island!

It has one of the best climates in Europe with more than 300 days of sunshine a year, making it one of the sunniest regions in the world.

Malta has very short and mild winters compared to the rest of Europe with temperatures hardly ever dropping below 10⁰C.

Located in the heart of the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea, Malta is a highly cost competitive location that provides an excellent framework for both businesses and freelancers.

The overall living costs in Malta are lower than in Central Europe.
Here are some reasons, why Malta is the Digital Nomad Island:

• Malta is a tax heaven with corporation tax as low as 5%.
• In June 2021, Malta launched their Digital Nomad Visa.
• The Malta Digital Nomad Association was founded in 2021 to foster the growth of the remote work movement in Malta and make it the ideal destination for Digital Nomads.
• Nearly 81% of all Malta residents are fully vaccinated.
• Malta has been making some of the largest strides in environmental sustainability.
• Eating sustainably and serving local ingredients from local farmers and fishermen has been on the rise.

Interested? Then, GET IN TOUCH WITH US NOW or send us an email in case you have any questions or concerns.
Digital Nomad Visa Malta
In 2021 Malta has launched its Digital Nomad Visa, also called Nomad Residence Permit Malta, as one of the first countries worldwide.

The best thing about the Malta Digital Nomad Visa is that it enables you to retain your current job based in another country whilst legally residing in Malta.

The Digital Nomad Residence Permit is open to all Digital Nomads, remote workers and employees, who are able to work remotely and independent of their location.

Malta has already established a vibrant and strong Digital Nomads community, established and strengthened by regular Digital Nomad Meetups.

Its members benefit from the make the countless networking and business opportunities, while enjoying the Mediterranean and island lifestyle.

The best thing about the Maltese Digital Nomad Visa is that it opens the door for residents from third countries outside the European Union, to travel and stay within the EU.

The visa is valid for one year, but can be renewed as long as you are meeting its criteria. If you want to stay for less than a year no problem as in this case the Nomad Residence Permit will be issued for the length of your stay.

Evolve Coliving Rooms

All rooms at Evolve coliving are private rooms with some of them coming with their own, ensuite bath room. No dorms.
We decided to make all rooms private, since privacy is essential for focus, productivity and wellbeing.

All rooms are modern, well-equipped and have high speed internet with some of them even coming with an own kitchen.

Private rooms range from  €845-€1595 /month, depending on room category and season.

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Malta is a tax heaven

Malta is part of the EU in 2004 and boasts an extremely attractive tax system for foreign entrepreneurs.

Malta’s tax system is very beneficial for entrepreneurs and freelancers, who are looking for an attractive business environment.

A foreign-owned Maltese company only has to pay 5% Corporation Tax, which is the lowest corporate tax rate in the entire European Union.

Maltese income tax is foreign-sourced income, but only when it is remitted to Malta. This is great news, as it basically means that expats aren’t subject to income tax in Malta on income arising outside Malta as long as it isn’t remitted to a Maltese bank account.

In addition to that, expats aren’t subject to income tax on any foreign-sourced capital gains made by e.g. buying and selling crypto or shares on foreign exchanges.
Evolve Coliving, 30 dimora, Triq il Venew, San Ġwann SGN 1912
All rights reserved 2022.
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