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Experience the ultimate lifestyle that has given us so much fun, freedom, energy and new exeriences.

Welcome to EVOLVE Coliving. There is NOTHING ELSE LIKE THIS!! 

Since 2015 we have refined the coliving concept beyond anything to date, and hosted hundreds of incredible Colivers.
In 2021 Malta, launched its Malta Digital Nomad Visa to make coming to Malta even easier.

Once you are here, you get access to an incredible Coliving & Coworking Community of dozens of travellers, ex-pats, remote workers and digital nomads.

We only have 15 private bedrooms, the rooms types and prices are explained below.

Read below to find out more, then apply to join us and experience a lifestyle so many levels ahead of anything else you have experienced before!
Rooftop jacuzzi
Large garden
Open fireplace
Table tennis 
Board games
and more
louie sawicki
December 17, 2022

I recommend Evolve 10/10. The house is stunning, but the community and experiences put together by the Evolve team there are what make it special. I spent 8 months with Evolve being my home base in Europe and it was truly amazing. Matt and Ola have done superb job creating a community of like minded hard working fun loving individuals who made it an experience like no other. I met some of the most amazing people and life long friends during my time there. The house has all the amenities. A swimming pool, pool, gym, ping pong, jacuzzi, co-work, etc., you are never bored. And you will meet a fantastic group of people to enjoy so much more of what Malta has to offer. Whether it is talking business, having skillshares, scuba diving, catamaran parties, or just kicking back having a bbq poolside at the house you will meet the best people to do everything with. I already have travels planned with some of the friends I made there in South East Asia before I will head back to Malta in April. Looking forward to being back, thanks again Matt and Ola for creating such an awesome place.

Emilia Porfiri
November 2, 2023

Evolve is a real life changer ❤️ My experience in the coliving space was fabulous and they actually focus on building community. If you are considering going, don’t hesitate. If you are in doubt as to how much time to stay, extend your stay already, you won’t regret it.

Mod L.
July 10, 2023

I absolutely love this community, the people, same thinking type of people, good vibes, good tribe. There are always some activities to socialize together, either free or with a fee. Location is just perfect to me, in the quiet district of San Gwann, 25 min walk from St Julians or Paceville (if you are the type to party hard), the Villa is huge and gorgeous (any influencer or photographer here?), and the place is always clean. I met great and lovely people there. So grateful for that 🫶🏻

Whats included in the Evolve Price

Everything below is already included in the price for Evolve. To the right is the cost that you would have to pay if you were to get normal accommodation and then pay extra for these things as an individual living in a one bedroom flat.

Gym Jacuzzi & pool access

Enjoy access to our large pool, a jacuzzi and a small gym, all included in your rental price and less than 30 seconds walk from your room for added convenience.


Coworking access

Enjoy a coworking space full of other ambitious and driven remote workers five seconds from your fridge and free coffee.


Cleaning of shared areas

We pride ourselves on keeping a clean home and have housekeeping in every day to take care of the space ✨ We spend much more on the shared areas, but the price to the right represents a maid for a one bedroom flat coming three times a week.


House Shopping

This includes all shared products such as teas, coffees, condiments oils, spices and cleaning products. We buy them in bulk and bring them to the house so you don't have to 


Table tennis, bar, garden & BBQ access

Honestly, this combo simply doesn't exist in Malta. Imagine all this with good people and bring your own policy for food and drink.


Rent direct from reviewed Landlord

Renting from recommended landlords with google reviews means no agency fees and peace of mind and security regarding the return of your damage deposit.

50% of 1m rent

Food drink & travel

With so much on your doorstep, enjoy the convenience of supermarket alcohol and food in an amazing environment with great people. Additionally, save money from the general sharing economy in the form of shared dinners, group discounts, community items and more save environmental waste and your money.


1261m2 of shared space

The San Gwann Property is 1668 m2 of shared space, 436 m2 garden space & 1261 m2 of shared internal space. You get access to all of this space included in the price you pay.


Total monthly additional value compared to standard options.

The numbers look crazy! But that's the value of the shared space, and still not even considering the intangible value of the community itself.


A word from the founders

We guarantee you will enjoy your time with us, that we maintain the property to a good standard, take care of you, and we are diligent in filtering the individuals whom we allow into Evolve to ensure amazing people surround you. 

We also guarantee we are not pretentious or stuck up, that the filtering process is relaxed and fun, and more of a discovery process for each party. 

Taking coliving back to it bare bones, looking past all the hype, we are just two individuals, myself Matt and my business partner Ola, who have got a huge villa in the medeterian island of Malta and fill it with very cool people from a particular kind of demographic.

We have done this since 2015, and lived in and continue to live in our own business model, paying our own company, because of the great amenities, cool people, flexible lease and lack of commitment or a deposit. 

If you have any questions at all, we are just on the other end of the line after you click check avaibility above or fill out our form.

Speak to you soon, 
Dylan Martin
July 13, 2023

Amazing coliving community with incredible people, would highly recommend. Ola and Matt have created a warm and welcome atmosphere at the house, always on hand with any queries or issues I had, and made it easy to experience all Malta has to offer. There's a wide variety of amenities including office space, swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym area, table tennis and pool table etc Looking forward to my return visit!

Sanam K
July 30, 2021

This was my first time at a co living and I'm sure those who would be nervous or unsure to try the experience should definitely give evolve a try. I had one of the largest rooms in the house with its own terrace, kitchenette, and bathroom. It's great that the house has options for those that want a bit more of their own space while taking advantage of the other benefits of co living, as well as cheaper options without. The house itself is as pictured, massive and beautiful with great chill out spots throughout. I pretty much lived at the beautiful pool. The common areas were kept well cleaned and maintained, and best of all if there was anything that needed fixing or maintaining Matt and Ola immediately took care of it upon request. In my month there I saw them continually improving the house and taking real pride in creating a space for residents, from building a pool pergola to buying new comfortable chairs for the Coworking space to just painting things! Not to mention on top of everything else, the feeling of community and getting to know people that the place offers. I made great friends both in White House and the 2nd house they own in Sliema, as there are weekly dinners to bring the two households together. While there are no events planned it's usually easy to find others at the house to do something or plan your own event (I planned a catamaran rental trip for the houses that was awesome). For those that want a new experience, that want to connect with other fascinating individuals from around the world, and that aren't afraid to learn new things about themselves, what a cool and unique experience this is that I would wholeheartedly recommend! Thanks again to Matt and Ola for their dedication to this project and for also just being cool people :)

Alin Ivan
August 22, 2021

Truly amazing place. The villa is enormous, with plenty of facilities (large pool, Rooftop, jacuzzi, gym, decent Coworking areas), but the best thing about Evolve is the community. I initially planned to stay for one month here, but because of all the great people that I've met and shared so many experiences with, I extended my stay for 2 extra months. The people here are very warm, friendly and make you feel like home. Definitely recommend this place!

Evolve Room Categories

The room category and length of stay determine the price. We also have a 30% discount between Dec - Feb.

Base Price / M from

€1345 - €1645 

€1045 - €1345

€995 - €1295

€895 - €1195

Services / M / pp (Details Below)










In Room Workspace

Community & Events access

24hr Coworking Space

24hr Pool & Rooftop Jacuzzi

1268m2 Of Shared Space

Private Seating Area

Private Terrace


Private Kitchen

The full lifestyle

Imagine you had the opportunity to move into an incredible mansion with a ready-made awesome social circle that elevates your mood, productivity, fun, revenue and adventures.

🚀 Are you looking to level up your life?

🚀 Want to escape the 9-5?

🚀 Have you already escaped and are looking to double down your results by leveraging a knowledgeable community?

🚀 Are you looking to spend time with an uplifting and supportive crowd of like-minded, free-thinking, entrepreneurial, creative and independent individuals?

🚀  Want an incredible work/life balance that means you can seamlessly mix #GETTINGSHITDONE with sun, fun and freedom?

Then this is for you!

It is shocking we have managed to stuff so much value in a package that only cost a little bit more than the old option of living in a room / flat or apartment by yourself or with whoever else the landlord has landed you with, fingers crossed they clean up!!

To live how we live, typically you have to work your way up the ladder and when you have the money to buy a place like this you're too old to enjoy it. And you don't tend to have a community of ambitious friends, like F.R.I.E.N.D.S who want to move in with you.

The value we have packed into our offer is astronomical when you tally up the costs of everything we offer. And that's before you consider the time & money you save by getting quick answers to business problems, or even the money you save by always having epic dinners prepared for you or simply not spending money on taxies, restaurants and bar priced drinks. We ask you... Can you afford not to colive?

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