Evolves Ultimate Guide: What Is Coliving in 2024?

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What is Coliving? An all-in-one Modern Housing Concept that benefits health, wealth, relationships and happiness.

Coliving has seen an enormous increase in popularity over the last few years due to its various benefits. Still, it has also become necessary, with the urban housing crisis pushing more people to live together in major cities.

This leaves us with the question of what is coliving? You can easily find that it's three or more biologically unrelated people living in an intentional community with affordability, convenience and community listed as benefits, but this is cold, flat & lifeless.

Do you want to know what really separates coliving from other accommodation options? How that improves the experience of life in general for you? How to sift the good from the bad? And the truth about the disadvantages of co living?

Well then, buckle up, buttercup! And enjoy the ride.

A professionally managed, intentional community

There are many elements to consider when choosing an accommodation option that are not included above, size, location and cost to name a few.

Here however we have tried only to draw comparisons between factors which significantly impact the user experience and are consistently unique to each accommodation option.

Coliving: Where an intentional community rent private bedrooms in a professionally managed property and share common spaces. This allows residents autonomy to decide when and how they want to interact.

Co-ops: Intentional communities where residents are also members and owners of a cooperative corporation that owns the property. Each member has a share in the co-op and is granted the right to occupy a specific unit in the same building or complex. In contrast to being professionally managed, this means there is democratic governance, where residents participate in decision-making.

Commune: Largely the same as a co-op with an Intentional community and democratic governance in one property. However, one person may own it.

Cohousing: Intentional communities with private homes in a larger complex designed for interaction, collaboration, and mutual support. Residents have shared ownership and exercise democratic governance regarding common spaces and facilities.

Apartment: A self-contained residential unit within a larger building, typically rented or owned by individuals or families.

Shared housing: A living arrangement where individuals divide rent and expenses and stay in private rooms but share a house or apartment. It is not professionally managed and does not typically include an intentional community. However, if all are students for example, this can be argued.

Traditional short-term options: Guesthouses, hotels and hostels are all typically short-term options that offer professional management but lack intentional community.

Why is a professionally managed and intentional community important?

Intentional Community

You have probably picked up on where this is going by now... So what is an intentional community? People with common interests, values, beliefs, and goals come together.

This community element separates coliving (And communes, co-ops and co-housing) from traditional apartments, shared housing and traditional short-term options.

Each intentional community can have its unique focus and structure in regards to decision making and architectural layout. The decision making can be democratic governance or made by an individual or company.

The layout can be multiple properties in a specific area or everyone under one roof.

The community can be for artists, families, seniors, digital nomads, coders, health nuts, eco-warriors, or eco-warrior health nuts who travel and code with their families. But you get the point!

The primary aim of attracting like-minded people with shared values and objectives is to foster a sense of belonging, mutual support, collaboration and social cohesion among its members in a close-knit and supportive living environment, therefore enhancing the well-being of members and promoting a more fulfilling and purposeful way of living. 

Professionally Managed

Although coliving, communes, co-ops and co-housing all feature an intentional community, the ownership structure and property management is the final peice of the puzzle which separates coliving spaces from the rest.

Shared ownership means that communes, co-ops and cohousing are self-governed and involve shared responsibilities, communal decision-making about the rules, policies, and overall community management.

Colivings, however, are typically owned by one company and, therefore, professionally managed by that company which makes decisions on the community's rules, policies, and overall management.

As long as the company clearly communicates and its members accept and respect these rules, it allows members the autonomy, freedom and convenience to come and go from a ready-made and managed community on short leases, without the complications, commitments and ties that come with shared ownership and democratic governance.

In other words, find a company that does a good job of communicating the vibe in their coliving and finding and filtering amazing people to come together and enjoy it while the company maintains the property and facilitates an energising and uplifting environment.

Then apply for a spot and enjoy this perfect option as a digital nomad to jump in and enjoy the experience without any concerns, responsibilities or ties 🚀

Advantages of coliving

The people you get to meet

The members who stay in the coliving at any given time are the life and soul of the whole concept. They can make or break a coliving experience, and every individual accepted into the space shapes the experience in their unique way.

Picture hanging out with like-minded friends and people who share your passions in various communal living spaces. You'll enjoy endless fun and laughter, from hobbies and sports to cultural and community events.

As discussed above, every coliving can have a unique vibe, focus and demographic. At Evolve, we focus on the crucial balance between work & fun, with our residents being successful, driven and ambitious digital nomads, remote workers and entrepreneurs between 25-45 years old.

Profession-wise, it's a melting pot of fascinating and diverse talents. Sure, you'll bump into tech buffs, digital marketers, and developers, but we host crypto traders, poker pros, globetrotting entrepreneurs, chefs, pilots, digital illustrators, tattoo artists, and more! 💼🤯

Expect a good dose of seasoned digital nomads, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and new remote workers eager to flex their freedom muscles. 💪

So, who will you meet? We can't say for sure, but if accepted, we promise you will be a part of a curious, fun & eclectic community! 🚀

The time you spend together

After school and perhaps university, there is not typically an environment apart from the work/office environment or if you live in a shared house where you spend prolonged amounts of time with other people.

Perhaps you go to meet-ups or networking events, bars or the library, and over time, you meet people again and again in passing, slowly forming a relationship, or even you are more intentional and arrange drinks directly.

But in general, it takes a lot of time, effort, trial and error and energy to spend a prolonged amount of time with someone in an environment where the connection is natural and easy.

Length of stay can vary at colivings. There are no hard rules. However, at Evolve Coliving, with the long-term goal of building a small but strong international community in mind, we decided early on to make the minimum stay one month, with a pricing model that encourages longer stays.

This has enabled us to build a strong core community of individuals who have lived together for at least one month and often much longer.

And therefore had the time to form strong and lasting connections in a natural and positive environment of pre-selected individuals. A dynamic which does not exist anywhere else.

Community events

So now we have an intentional community of awesome people spending prolonged time together in a beautiful and professionally managed property.

A rare experience in itself. If we add some community events to the mix, now we see where the magic happens!

Community events build a strong community, help members bond, explore new interests, and make their space feel like home. Plus, it's a super fun way to break up daily life.

Some colivings arrange weekly events or workshops. At Evolve Coliving, building on the natural and organic vibe, we provide all the tools and opportunities to empower members to create events independently.

From shared dinners to ping pong tournaments to the legendary "Evolve Co living Olympics," something fresh and exciting is always happening. Our members are intelligent, capable, and full of unique superpowers – so let's put them to good use! 🌟

This way, everyone gets involved, feels part of the process, and enjoys the experience even more. It's all about people being active participants to further create a truly homely vibe.

Overall wellbeing

Discovering the perfect community, whether in your hometown or a brand-new city, is like finding the secret sauce to boosting happiness.

We're social creatures; as humans, nothing beats having deep relationships with others.

Your emotional well-being soars when you feel understood and valued by the people around you.

When you celebrate milestones and special occasions, you'll create shared memories and feel a sense of joy and unity.

Learning and growing together will make you feel accomplished and more satisfied with life.

When your environment promotes a healthy work-life balance, you will stay happy and healthy. Tough times? No problem.

The right co living community has your back, helping you bounce back and keep your mental health in check.

And as we have seen many times, overall well-being positively ripples throughout your life!

Increased productivity

Choosing the right modern form co living community is like hitting the jackpot for productivity! Productivity soars based on two main factors in coliving: the systems within the co living and the community.

If a coliving has considered the productivity of its members, it will be equipped with top quality wifi, such as a wired business 1000/60 mesh network backed up by an uninterruptible power supply.

It will have ergonomic chairs and desks in a shared coworking space and private spaces for meetings and calls.

The coliving has also framed the experience correctly from the first contact with new members to attract people who want to smash their goals and exercise respect for fellow members.

This is fundamental to fostering an overall sense of well-being from a work-life balance and living with other like-minded, goal-crushing people who are all about growth and success. 

These individuals also share ideas, knowledge, and resources to help everyone learn faster, overcome challenges, and stay pumped, succeeding in whatever you have your sights on.

Systems, structure and routine

It can be tiring being on the road, moving from place to place, having wifi issues, not having a place to work out, and just dealing with all the many changing variables that come with travelling. This all takes time, energy and focus.

A good coliving will have built a ready-to-use all-in-one infrastructure of amenities that allows you to enjoy a smooth experience that easily meets all your human needs.

If done right a coliving will leave you feeling recharged and energised, ready to take on another leg of your travels or embark on your next adventure.

In the case of Evolve Co living, our amenities include a big pool, jacuzzi, coworking space, gym, pool table, ping pong, lightning-fast wi fi, living room, double kitchen, roof space, laundry, and cleaning services! In addition, below are a few of the elements we consider at Evolve Coliving.

Work: Private and collaborative workspaces with ergonomic chairs + 1000/60Mbps wired mesh network.

Education/Growth/Contribution: Like-minded and skilled community to ask questions and engage in workshops and skillshares.

Cleaning: Cleaning services mean you feel good walking around a lovely clean home and can focus on what matters most.

Fun: Provision and maintenance of communal spaces such as a lounge, double kitchen, rooftop area with jacuzzi, large pool with BBQ, front porch for relaxing reading and catching some rays, table tennis, pool table, board games, projector and more for you to enjoy with our other outstanding members. To maximise your time, we also provide information on awesome activities, events, bars, and restaurants in Malta.

Fitness: Small on-site gym with all the essential equipment to get your body moving and the endorphins running!

Connection: A fantastic community just outside your door is always there and available for you to join in and get your social hit for the day!

Streamlined admin: You don't have to spend on tedious matters and can put your attention where needed.

And for all you freedom seekers out there, these elements, along with the short leases, allow you the autonomy to come and go and build positive habits & routines with ease when you start to feel the pull for structure, routine and stability, and then fly free again when you need some adventure and uncertainty!

Flexibility, Convenience and affordability

Coliving offers fully furnished rooms on various minimum stay options.

This makes it an incredibly flexible and convenient option for digital nomads, slowmads, and remote working rockstars who love to socialise, mix it up and move around.

But in today's competitive real estate markets, with prices skyrocketing due to the urban housing crisis, can modern coliving spaces be considered affordable?

You'll find cheaper options if you're after a private bedroom with random roomies or an apartment without those extra goodies.

So coliving may not be the cheapest ticket in town, but what argument is there that coliving is affordable?

Affordable means inexpensive and reasonably priced.

Considering all the benefits listed above, including using the amenities and shared space, enjoying a professionally managed property and a great sense of community, we think the value for money you get from coliving is extraordinary!

So why not give it a go? Click the link below to find out more.

Check Availability

Energising privacy

Most coliving spaces, like Evolve, offer private rooms. Trust us. Coliving is no hostel or student house! We're all grown-ups who love our privacy.

Your room is your haven, and we're all about protecting that. That's the secret sauce to long-term coliving bliss! 🛌✨

Additionally, there is no pressure to join the shared dinners and activities. It is entirely up to you. This autonomy creates a relaxed environment where the people who want to be social can be, and those who don't can hide in their rooms, Netflix, and chill!

So, at Evolve Coliving, you can snag one of eleven private rooms or four swanky suites (if you're quick because we fill up fast!) and settle into your new upgraded lifestyle.

We guarantee you won't want to stay in your room for too long though, as every year, members arrange pool parties, BBQs, beach days, late-night jacuzzi hangs, gym workouts, yoga classes, trivia & games nights, bachata nights, fitness classes, skill shares, workshops, windsurfing, kitesurfing, plenty of shared dinners and full-day private catamaran trips to jaw-dropping islands. So get ready for some serious FOMO! 😎🎉

Tackling loneliness

Loneliness can creep in when you're isolated, causing emotional and physical pain. It can mess with your mental health, leading to depression and anxiety, and even make your brain feel foggy. It's also been linked to heart problems and a weaker immune system. Below are some stats about loneliness.

European loneliness prevalence: According to a Eurostat survey conducted in 2021, about 30% of Europeans reported feeling lonely during a typical week.

Loneliness in the United Kingdom: In a 2021 study by the Office for National Statistics, approximately 2.6 million adults in the UK reported feeling lonely "often" or "always."

Loneliness in Germany: According to a 2020 study by the German Centre of Gerontology, roughly 16% of Germans aged 40-85 years experienced feelings of loneliness.

Loneliness in Spain: A 2021 study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found that 34.3% of Spanish adults reported feelings of loneliness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Loneliness in Italy: A 2020 study conducted by the Italian National Institute of Health revealed that 27.3% of Italian adults experienced loneliness during the national lockdown.

Age differences: According to a 2021 study by the European Social Survey, young adults (18-34 years) were more likely to report feeling lonely compared to older adults (65+ years) in European countries.

So this is a really problem. But co living communities are the perfect remedy for loneliness.

They're all about building strong social connections, supporting each other, and having a shared purpose.

Imagine joining forces with your coliving community for fun activities and heart-to-heart chats.

Not only will you wave goodbye to social isolation, but you'll also boost your overall well-being. Together, you'll create a nurturing environment about growth, strong relationships, and bouncing back from life's curveballs.

Stress, anxiety, and depression can make it tough to think clearly and make intelligent decisions. Loneliness can also put a significant damper on productivity.

When you feel disconnected and down, your motivation and focus nosedive.

Without a social network to keep you inspired, it's harder to brainstorm ideas and solve problems.

And without your peers to cheer you on, staying committed to your goals can be a real challenge.

So, don't let isolation & loneliness get the best of you! Break free from its vicious cycle and unlock your full potential with the power of coliving communities.

Disadvantages of Coliving spaces

Communal noise

This depends on the structure of the coliving. We have three floors, thick limestone walls, insulated diving walls and slow door closers at Evolve, so noise doesn't travel far, but it is inevitable to some degree.

From keyboard clicks to morning smoothies, it's an orchestra of everyday life with communal spaces and new friends!

Enjoy random hangs, game nights, or housemate adventures when work ends. Sure, there might be doors closing or late-night Netflix, but that's part of the coliving concerto! And because we are all professional adults, there is a significant vibe of respect and consideration.

Conflicting personalities

At Evolve, we carefully filter applicants to ensure a harmonious environment. Still, occasionally, personalities clash. Think of it as that odd relative at a family dinner, adding a splash of colour!

Meeting fascinating like-minded people is part of the fun, but sometimes, you might encounter someone who is not your cup of tea.

We suggest you embrace communication and understanding; you might even turn a conflicting personality into a surprising friendship.

If all else fails, retreat to your private room or connect with other diverse community members. After all, variety is the spice of life, and coliving is no exception!

Rules and regulations

Rules and regulations can be annoying if you are used to doing what you want when you want, but they keep harmony in communal living.

They're the guidelines that help everyone respect each other's needs and boundaries. 🥗

With clear guidelines in place, we can avoid misunderstandings and conflicts. Think of rules as a friendly referee, ensuring everyone plays fair and gets along.

It may be more constraining than you are used to living alone, but if you embrace the rules and guidelines, everyone is playing from the same rule book, making it a good game!

Waiting for amenities

We can all fit in the pool simultaneously, but sharing amenities such as access to laundry is part of the game! Patience and adaptability are vital in creating perfect harmony.

Make sure you check the size of the kitchen and how many bathrooms, washing machines and dryers a coliving space has to manage expectations before making your decision!

How to find your tribe?

So now you know all you need to about coliving. The next step is to find one that suites you. Finding your tribe can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, especially in a new city.

With so many coliving options, finding the one with the perfect vibe for you is essential. Take Evolve Co living, for example.

We're all about ambitious, adventurous and driven 25-45-year-old digital nomads and entrepreneurs – and we make sure you know it before joining our crew!

Remember the saying, "You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with"? It's accurate! When an intentional community of like-minded folks surrounds you, it's like pouring rocket fuel on your dreams.

So, make sure you first feel the vibe to find that perfect coliving tribe to help you level up and have a blast!

Here you can see our blog on the top 5 coliving spaces in Europe!

Modern form coliving spaces as the best overall accommodation option.

So what is coliving? We, of course, acknowledge our biased but also after assessing all the benefits and all the disadvantages of modern form coliving, we believe it combines the best aspects of the commune, co-op and cohousing models, the intentional community while going one step further and having the member selection and living space professionally managed.

If done right, co living takes the warmth and homeliness of the community living concept and the convenience and flexibility of the hotels, guesthouses etc., and melds them together.

enabling members to come and go from the co living within a minimum stay framework with all admin and friction points taken care of, while creating synergy within a strong community of like-minded individuals.

Coliving: A worldwide home

Coliving is about collaboration. Imagine an overarching body that unifies coliving spaces in different cities and countries, a body that offers peace of mind, certainty and trust to fellow colivers that they are embarking on a joyous adventure at their next destination because each coliving that is under this body has been vetted against a few clear standards which the coliving must uphold.

Over time an international community of digital nomads that have lived together and know each other in person will naturally form. You will live with someone in Malta, and then again in Lisbon, perhaps bumping into someone you lived with a year before in Chang Mai or Mexcio.

The aim is to foster a sense of belonging and social cohesion in an increasingly wider network of cities worldwide.

Coliving: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average age for coliving?
There is no set age for coliving, as it is open to humans of all ages in most major cities. However, many coliving spaces focus on networking, attracting old and young professionals, startups, entrepreneurs and digital nomads.
What are examples of co-living?
Some examples of coliving companies include Evolve Coliving, Nine, Château Coliving, Sun & Co, Sun Desk, and Sende. These companies have coliving locations that offer unique coliving experiences in areas around the world.
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