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About Mexico

Mexico has become a very popular destination for digital nomads in recent years, with some truly excellent locations that offer an incredible amount in terms of culture, history and cuisine. There is now a Mexico Digital Nomad Visa that will allow you to live and work anywhere in Mexico for one up to four years and thereafter potentially apply for permanent residency.

Tourist Visa

If you are planning to stay in Mexico for fewer than 180 days, you will be able to apply for a Mexican tourist visa if you are from one of the countries that require one. The UK, US, Canada and the Schengen area do not require a tourist visa, so you can visit Mexico for fewer than 180 days visa-free.

Financial Solvency

You will need to prove that you have employment that yields a monthly income for the previous 100 days at $865 after taxes. You will need bank statements to this effect and a letter from your employer if you are employed.

The other option is to prove that you have had bank accounts with an ending balance of $2,500 for the past 300 days. The proof that will be accepted is electronic printouts of the statements for the last three months, certified by your bank.

If you are over 65 years of age, you are able to obtain a tourist visa by showing your intention of onward travel, i.e. an onward ticket.

Requirements for Mexico Digital Nomad Visa

For people who want to stay longer than the 180 days, there is what is often referred to as the digital nomad visa. The visa is technically called the Temporary Resident Visa, but it suits the purposes of digital nomads and allows an initial stay of up to one year and an extension of up to 4 years. There are various requirements that must be met before applying for a Digital Nomad Visa Mexico, and we have outlined these below.

Financial Requirements

You must be able to meet at least one of the following requirements in order to apply for the digital nomad visa. These requirements are significantly higher than in some other countries, including Spain and Portugal.

  • You have had at least $43,000 in your bank account for at least the last 12 months in order to qualify for this visa type.
  • A monthly income of $2,595 for the last six months. This will increase by $861 for each dependent you are taking with you.
  • Own a Mexican property worth at least $346,000

If you stay in Indonesia for more than 183 days, then you automatically become a tax resident and you need to pay Indonesia’s tax rates on your foreign earnings.

How to Apply

In order to apply for a digital nomad visa Mexico, you will need to visit your nearest Mexican Embassy in person. There are some documents that you will need to have in order before applying, and these include:

  • Valid Passport – You will need to bring your passport and ensure that it has 6 months or more at the end of the first year of your visa.
  • Application Form – The form is to be downloaded from the Mexican Embassy website in your locale and printed double-sided with English on one side and Spanish on the other.
  • Passport-sized photos – You will have to submit recent passport-sized photos. These should be 3.9 cm x 3.1 cm
  • Criminal Background Check – You will need to obtain this from the police in your own country, prior to submitting the application.
  • Proof of Income – This is important to prove that you will not require recourse to State funds while you are in Mexico.
  • Proof of medical insurance – This is again to prove that you will not require the Mexican State to pay for you in the event of medical problems.
  • Proof of Payment – The receipt for your visa processing fee.
  • Any Documents for Dependents – These would include passports, medical insurance, marriage certificate etc., as above for yourself.

Next Steps

Once you have obtained all the documents you need, you should make an appointment at the Mexican Embassy with all the relevant documents, and you should get the visa stamp the same day. If this is not possible, it may take a few weeks, so factor this into your plans.

Once you reach Mexico, you will need to obtain the Temporary Residence Permit, which can be done by visiting the National Migration Institute and paying the fee, which will be somewhere between $150 and $350. You should fill out the application form online and bring two additional passport photos. You should then be given the Temporary Residency Card.

Paying Tax in Mexico

You should not be expected to pay tax in Mexico unless 50% or so of your earnings are derived from Mexican companies or customers. This is to avoid any double taxation situations. If you do earn 50% or more of your earnings inside Mexico, you will face between a 0% and a 30% taxation rate, depending on your income bracket. Most digital nomads will be making money from outside the country as freelancers or working remotely for a company based outside Mexico, so shouldn’t be bothered by the taxation system in Mexico.

Top Locations in
Mexico for Digital Nomads

Mexico City

For those who value the hustle and bustle of big City life, Mexico City has everything that you could possibly want and then some. There is fast internet aplenty as well as all the facilities that you would expect from a bustling urban metropolis. You will find a thriving digital nomad community here, drawn from around the world, and the City has a reputation for friendliness, so you will find people to spend fun times with. There is also a wide range of coworking and co-living options, from large international companies to smaller local businesses.

Playa del Carmen

For those who want to spend their days in sun-drenched, tropical locales by the beach, Playa del Carmen is a popular choice. It combines the fast internet of the big cities with chilled beach vibes and is the biggest digital nomad hotspot in Mexico. Prices for accommodation are higher than in Mexico City, but for many, the ambience and abundance of fellow digital nomads on-site make it more than worth a visit for a month or more.


Another real hotspot for the digital nomad community is Tulum. It is known for its white sandy beaches and for having a bit more of a spiritual community. It used to have some of the slowest internet speeds in Mexico, but now has some excellent co-working spaces and much-improved internet. Tulum is very much a party town and if that is your vibe then you will love it, but if you are a bit older than you may want to give it a miss and leave it to the younger crowd.

Puerto Vallarta

Like Playa del Carmen and Tulum, Puerto Vallarta is perched on a beautiful beach, but seems to have more authentic Mexican charm and culture than some of the other places mentioned. It is popular with digital nomads but has not yet been completely overrun, in the way that some perceive Tulum and Playa del Carmen to be. It is a large, vibrant city which is set on a hill, so if you walk around the city every day you will be guaranteed some good exercise. Alternatively, there is extremely affordable public transport. There are also good co-working options here.

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What if I Lose My Valid Passport?

Travelers are regularly subject to police and immigration checks. Those who travel without a valid passport or with an irregular migration situation are sometimes detained and transferred to a closed migrant center. Travelers who have lost or had their necessary documents stolen should present a letter confirming the loss to the Mexican Ministerio Público.

Do Mexican Regulations Require a Passport to be Valid for a Certain Period of Time?

While Mexican regulations do not require a minimum validity period for passports, immigration officials generally expect passports to be valid for at least six months from the date of entry into the country. Make sure that the expiration date of your passport is long enough.

What Are the Benefits of Temporary Resident Visa in Mexico?

Temporary resident visa allows you to stay in Mexico as long as you like, open a local bank account, enter and leave the country without restrictions.

Do Regulations in Mexico Require Additional Health Insurance for Remote Workers?

No, you’re not required to have any extra tourist or health insurance, but you can get one, for the peace of mind it brings. Many remote workers purchase additional insurance for their own safety.

How Much Will It Cost to Apply for the Mexico Digital Nomad Visa?

The visa interview fee at the Mexican Consulate depends on the country from which you wish to depart. Please read the information that is posted on the website of the Mexican embassy in your country. The same applies to fees for a temporary residence permit card.

If you actually need a visa, you may be asked to schedule a visa appointment (by phone or by their online booking system) at the embassy and provide documents proving your identity and a certificate of employment (a letter from your employer describing your position and monthly salary) if you wish to work in Mexico.

How Good is the Internet in Mexico?

If you work remotely, choose a well-connected area for your residence – then the quality of the usual internet speed will be better. Statistically, mobile internet download speed in Mexico is around 24Mbps, while the median fixed broadband download speed is about 48Mbps.

Which countries offer
Digital Nomad Visas in 2023?

To conclude, here is the full list of countries, where you can get a Digital Nomad Visa in 2023:

Andorra* Dominica Mexico
Anguilla Dubai Montenegro*
Antigua and Barbuda Dominica Mexico
Argentina* Estonia North Macedonia
Aruba Georgia Norway
Bagamas Germany Panama
Barbados Greece Romania
Belize Hungary Saint Lucia
Bermuda Iceland Seychelles
Cabo Verde Indonesia South Africa*
Cayman Islands Italy* Spain
Croatia Latvia Sri Lanka*
Curaçao Malta Taiwan
Cyprus Mauritius Czech Republic
Andorra* Cyprus Mauritius
Anguilla Czech Republic Mexico
Antigua and Barbuda Dominica Montenegro*
Argentina* Dubai Montserrat
Arminia Ecuador Namibia
Aruba Egypt* North Macedonia
Australia Estonia Norway
Bagamas Georgia Panama
Bahamas Germany Portugal/Lisbon
Barbados Greece Romania
Belize Hungary Saint Lucia
Bermuda Iceland Seychelles
Cabo Verde India* (Goa) South Africa*
Cayman Islands Indonesia/Bali Spain
Colombia Italy* Sri Lanka*
Costa Rica Latvia Taiwan
Croatia Malaysia Thailand*
Curaçao Malta

*Digital Nomad Visa introduced but not yet implemented

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