The Best Digital Nomad Visas 2023

Best Digital Nomad Visas 2023

Digital nomad visas are getting more and more popular. They are allowing remote workers to stay in their country of choice for extended periods of time. We therefore want to provide an overview of all available options and will tell you which one is the best Digital Nomad Visa 2023.

54 Digital Nomad Visas and counting

Digital Nomad Visas are the latest fashion in an effort to attract high skilled workers. Although those kind of visas haven’t been around for too long they are springing up like mushrooms.

Within only two years their number has more than doubled from 21 to 54!

And this is just the start. Beautiful countries such as Thailand, Greece or Indonesia have just announced their Digital Nomad Visa and many more will follow.

Due to the constantly growing number it is becoming increasingly more difficult and time-consuming to find the best visa.

That’s why we want to provide direction and have put in countless hours to come up with the most comprehensive list of the best Digital Nomad Visas 2023.

What is a
Digital Nomad Visa?

A digital nomad visa is a type of visa that allows you to legally live and work from the country of your own choice, while residing away from your country of permanent residence.

Most of them are valid for one year and can be extended. There are certain exceptions such as the Digital Nomad Visa Bali, which will have a validity of five years

Overall, a digital nomad visa is a great opportunity for remote workers to explore the world and its cultures, while maintaining their job and career.

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What is the purpose of Digital Nomad Visas?

The main purpose of a digital nomad visa is to attract skilled professionals and high-value individuals such as entrepreneurs and freelancers in order to boost the economy.

The visas are indeed very beneficial the local economy as most digital nomads are active people, who like to enjoy life, and therefore spend more money than the average person for accommodation, food, services, activities and when going out.

1. Attract skilled professionals
2. Attract high-value individuals
3. Boost the economy

What are the reasons
for the Boom?

You might be asking yourself now: What lead to this huge increase? Well, this question is a bit more complex and there are several potential answers to it.

First and foremost the working world is shifting towards remote work since the pandemic. Working from home is something totally normal now, while it was something extraordinary only three years ago.

This lead to the birth of a new class of wealthier digital nomads, which are the main target of those visas. In addition to that, most countries, especially the touristic ones, suffered from COVID-19.

Not many people were travelling during the pandemic and there were hardly any tourists. That’s why the countries figured it’s better for the economy to have a Digital Nomad staying for at least one year than 20 tourists for two weeks.

Last but not least, Human capital flight, which is the emigration of a substantial number of highly educated individuals, who have received advanced training in their home countries. Digital Nomad Visas are a way to make up for it by attracting elite workers and skilled professionals from other countries.

Which countries offer
Digital Nomad Visas in 2023?

To conclude, here is the full list of countries, where you can get a Digital Nomad Visa in 2023:

Andorra* Dominica Mexico
Anguilla Dubai Montenegro*
Antigua and Barbuda Dominica Mexico
Argentina* Estonia North Macedonia
Aruba Georgia Norway
Bagamas Germany Panama
Barbados Greece Romania
Belize Hungary Saint Lucia
Bermuda Iceland Seychelles
Cabo Verde Indonesia South Africa*
Cayman Islands Italy* Spain
Croatia Latvia Sri Lanka*
Curaçao Malta Taiwan
Cyprus Mauritius Czech Republic
Andorra* Cyprus Mauritius
Anguilla Czech Republic Mexico
Antigua and Barbuda Dominica Montenegro*
Argentina* Dubai Montserrat
Arminia Ecuador Namibia
Aruba Egypt* North Macedonia
Australia Estonia Norway
Bagamas Georgia Panama
Bahamas Germany Portugal/Lisbon
Barbados Greece Romania
Belize Hungary Saint Lucia
Bermuda Iceland Seychelles
Cabo Verde India* (Goa) South Africa*
Cayman Islands Indonesia/Bali Spain
Colombia Italy* Sri Lanka*
Costa Rica Latvia Taiwan
Croatia Malaysia Thailand*
Curaçao Malta

*Digital Nomad Visa introduced but not yet implemented

The Best
Digital Nomad Visas 2023

Let's get down to the bottom line: Which one is the best Digital Nomad Visa 2023?

This question is impossible to answer as it mainly depends on your personal taste and preferences.

So what we did is looking at the sheer facts in order to be able to come up with the Top 3 Digital

Nomad Visas 2023.

#1 Malta

One of the several reasons, why Malta is ranked Number 1 is the weather. The Mediterranean island is among the sunniest places in the world with an average of 3,095 hours of sunshine per year.

In addition to that, English is an official language with Italian also widely spoken, so you won’t have any problems, so you won’t have any communication problems.

Malta has a nationwide 5G network and mobile internet is one of the fastest in Europe making it possible to work anywhere, anytime.

Malta Digital Nomad Visa Facts and Figures

Malta Digital Nomad Visa Facts and Figures

Visa Cost: €300 (includes your family)

Length: 1 year, can be renewed

Required Income: €2,700 per month

Broadband Internet: 144.06 Mbps

Mobile Internet: 70.73 Mbps

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#2 Spain

The new Spain Digital Nomad Visa is a true game-changer. It is a great option for digital nomads, who want to live in one Europe’s most diverse countries full of culture and amazing food.

The Non-Lucrative Residence Visa for Remote Workers allows digital nomads to live in Spain for one year.

The best thing about the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa is that it can then be renewed three times bringing its total validity to 48 months!

Spain's beautiful weather and beaches as well as its rich history, culture have long made it a favourite among Digital Nomads and now it’s possible to live there long-term.

Spain Digital Nomad Visa Facts and Figures

Visa Cost: €80

Length: 1 year, can be renewed up to 48 months

Required Income: €2,334 per month

Broadband Internet: 201.47 Mbps

Mobile Internet: 61.62 Mbps

#3 Colombia

Colombia's digital nomad visa must be in the Top 3, simply because it has the longest validity of all available options with two years.

Colombia is one of the most Digital Nomad friendly countries on the planet. It has even created a website dedicated to provide all kinds of information and resources for digital nomads.

Medellin is a trendy hub for digital nomads due to its beautiful location, warm weather, and affordable cost of living.

Colombia Digital Nomad Visa Facts and Figures

Visa Cost: $220 (includes your family)

Length: 2 years, can be renewed

Required Income: $685 per month

Internet fixed: 72.19 Mbps

Internet mobile: 18.13 Mbps

How to stay up to date?

It's important to note that the specific requirements for these visas can vary. We therefore highly recommend visiting this page on a regular basis as we constantly update them.
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