Italy Digital Nomad Visa

Everything you need to know about the Italy Digital Nomad Visa

Introduction to the Italy Digital Nomad Visa

Digital nomad visas are a hot topic for digital nomads and remote workers, and Italy is defiantly among the digital nomad hotspots.

Previously you either needed a job offer from Italy to come there to work, or you could apply for a start-up visa, but this is very hard to meet the requirements.

Soon, in addition to the 21 different visa options Italy has, you will be able to benefit from a unique visa designed for digital nomads, specifically freelancers and entrepreneurs who aspire to indulge in Italy's rich history, culture, and cuisine.

Although not officially available yet, in January 2022, a Decree was issued to introduce the Italy digital nomad visa, which was later signed into law in March 2022.

This comprehensive guide to the Italian digital nomad visa outlines the eligibility criteria, minimum income requirements, application process, and benefits of obtaining the Italian Digital Nomad Visa so you are prepared for when it is officially released.

Italy Digital Nomad Visa
Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Italy Digital Nomad Visa, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Remote employment or self-employment: The Italian government requires you to prove you have stable remote work or a freelance business that can be conducted from Italy.

  2. Minimum income requirement: You must provide proof of a consistent monthly income to the Italian government of at least €2,500, either from remote work, self-employment, or a combination of both.

  3. Health insurance: You must possess valid international health insurance covering the entire visa duration.

  4. Clean criminal record: The Italian government also requires you to have no criminal record in your home country or Italy.


The application process for you or other foreign professionals to go through for the Italian Digital Nomad Visa consists of several steps:

Preparation of documents: Gather the following documents in English or Italian:

Submission of application: Submit your application and required documents to the nearest Italian consulate or embassy.

Visa interview: Attend a visa interview at the consulate or embassy.

Approval and visa issuance: If your application is approved, the consulate or embassy will issue your Digital Nomad Visa.

Required Documents

Valid Passport: Submit a passport with at least three months of validity beyond your return date and a minimum of two blank pages.

Application Form: Complete the application form online, print it out, and sign it to confirm your information.

Two Passport-sized Photos: Provide two recent photographs that meet passport photo requirements.

Work Documents: Present a valid work contract with an employer registered outside of Italy to demonstrate your remote employment status or provide documentation to prove your self-employed employment status.

Proof of Sufficient Financial Means: Verify that you have adequate financial resources to support yourself during your stay in Italy. A minimum salary or income requirement may apply.

Proof of Accommodation: Provide evidence of arranged accommodation in Italy, such as a rental agreement or reservation confirmation.

Proof of Health Insurance: Ensure you have valid health insurance coverage for the entire duration of your stay in Italy.

Clean Criminal Record: Submit a certificate from your home country's police authority to confirm that you have a clean criminal record.

Costs and Fees

The Italy Digital Nomad Visa application costs €116, which is non-refundable. Additional fees may apply for document translations and certifications.

Italy Digital Nomad Visa Benefits

Italy's Digital Nomad Visas offer several advantages:

  1. Flexible duration: The visa is valid for up to one year, with the possibility of renewal.

  2. Access to the Schengen Area: Visa holders can travel freely within the Schengen Area for up to 90 days within a 180-day period.

  3. High-quality healthcare: Italy boasts an excellent healthcare system, ranked among the best in the world.

  4. Cultural immersion: Experience Italy's rich history, art, and culinary delights as you live and work amidst stunning landscapes and vibrant cities.

  5. Renewable: You can keep renewing this until you eventually get the permeant residence permit if you want to.

Living and Working in Italy: A Glimpse of the Italian Lifestyle

Immerse yourself in the charm and allure of Italy while enjoying the benefits of working remotely.

From the rolling hills of Tuscany to the bustling streets of Rome, Italy offers an enchanting and inspiring atmosphere for digital nomads.

Captivating Cities and Picturesque Towns

Italy is home to diverse cities and towns, each with unique character and charm. Explore iconic cities like Rome, Florence, and Milan, where history and modernity collide.

Or, settle into the idyllic countryside of Tuscany and Umbria, where you can revel in the serene landscapes and savour some of the world's finest wines.

A Gastronomic Paradise

Italian cuisine is world-renowned for its delicious flavours and fresh ingredients.

As a digital nomad in Italy, you'll have the opportunity to indulge in various regional dishes, from mouth-watering pasta and risotto to delectable gelato and tiramisu.

Don't miss the chance to savour authentic Italian pizza in Naples, the birthplace of this iconic dish.

Rich Cultural Heritage

The rich Italian culture and heritage are evident in its stunning architecture, such as the roman forum, world-class museums, and vibrant arts scene.

Digital nomads can explore ancient ruins, take a bike ride, admire Renaissance masterpieces, and attend thrilling performances at the opera, all while soaking up Italy's vibrant atmosphere.

Warm and Welcoming Locals

The Italian people are known for their warmth and hospitality, making newcomers feel welcome and at ease.

As you navigate your new life in Italy, you'll find that forming connections with locals will enrich your experience and create lasting memories.

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Italy Digital Nomad Visa FAQ

Can I bring my other close family members on the Italian Digital Nomad Visa?
Yes, you can bring your spouse and dependent children with you to Italy. They will need to apply for a family reunification visa, allowing them to live in Italy through the duration of your Digital Nomad Visa.
What is a passive income visa?
This was originally for retirees. But is possible to get for anyone who can prove they have passive income over €31k/year, accommodation in Italy and health insurance.
What are the key differences between Italy's remote worker Visa and the enchanting Italy Digital Nomad Visa?
As you pursue your dreams of working remotely in Italy, it's essential to understand the distinctions between the two new visas due to be released.

The remote workers visa is crafted for employees working remotely from a company incorporated outside of Italy.

On the other hand, the Digital Nomad Visa is designed for freelancers who work for themselves and yearn to embrace the Italian way of life while they maintain their freelance business outside of Italy.
Can I extend my Italy Digital Nomad Visa?
Yes, you can extend Italy's digital nomad visa.

Provided you successfully navigate Italian bureaucracy and continue to meet the eligibility requirement, such as a comprehensive health insurance plan, sufficient economic funds, a clean criminal record, and work remotely etc.

You must apply for an extension at the local immigration office in Italy before your digital nomad visa expires.
Does the Italian Digital Nomad Visa lead to permanent residence?
Yes, this can be renewed yearly for 3-5 years until you eventually get your permeant residence permit.
Does the Italy Digital Nomad Visa lead to citizenship?
Yes, if you continue to renew for 3-5 years, you can apply for the permeant residency permit, and after another five years, you can apply for citizenship through naturalisation.
Can I work remotely for an Italian company while on the Italy Digital Nomad Visa?
IIt is designed for freelancers who are self-employed or employed outside of Italy.

Working for an Italian company would require a different type of visa, such Italian self-employment visa or a work permit.
What happens if my remote freelance work or self-employment ends while I'm in Italy?
If you lose your remote work or self-employment, you must inform the Italian authorities and may need to apply for a different nomad visa in Italy or leave the country if you cannot meet the requirements.

Which countries offer
Digital Nomad Visas in 2023?

To conclude, here is the full list of countries, where you can get a Digital Nomad Visa in 2023:

Andorra* Dominica Mexico
Anguilla Dubai Montenegro*
Antigua and Barbuda Dominica Mexico
Argentina* Estonia North Macedonia
Aruba Georgia Norway
Bagamas Germany Panama
Barbados Greece Romania
Belize Hungary Saint Lucia
Bermuda Iceland Seychelles
Cabo Verde Indonesia South Africa*
Cayman Islands Italy* Spain
Croatia Latvia Sri Lanka*
Curaçao Malta Taiwan
Cyprus Mauritius Czech Republic
Andorra* Cyprus Mauritius
Anguilla Czech Republic Mexico
Antigua and Barbuda Dominica Montenegro*
Argentina* Dubai Montserrat
Arminia Ecuador Namibia
Aruba Egypt* North Macedonia
Australia Estonia Norway
Bagamas Georgia Panama
Bahamas Germany Portugal/Lisbon
Barbados Greece Romania
Belize Hungary Saint Lucia
Bermuda Iceland Seychelles
Cabo Verde India* (Goa) South Africa*
Cayman Islands Indonesia/Bali Spain
Colombia Italy* Sri Lanka*
Costa Rica Latvia Taiwan
Croatia Malaysia Thailand*
Curaçao Malta

*Digital Nomad Visa introduced but not yet implemented

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