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Ola and Matt here ❤️

lovely to meet you. Below is a look into how we started our adventure, and perhaps an insight into the countless renditions that have lead to Evolve Coliving, as it exists today.

Evolve Coliving came to be from a bittersweet drive and passion to see the world, to live a good life, a burning dissatisfaction with our life situations as they were, and a reckless, gung-ho spontaneity and willingness to take action.

Both avid traveler's from a young age, in our mid 20's we were a bit stuck in situations we were unhappy with. Living in London, I was an apprentice quantity surveyor and Ola in the hospitality and music industry.


It took just three months of dating before we both quit our jobs and moved to Vancouver on Oct 5th 2015 with next to nothing in our pockets.


The landscapes were beautiful, but we were immediately greeted by Hurricane Oho  😅 

After three weeks of hibernation and dwindling funds, unable to explore the areas and find a long term place, we decided to go to Whistler, all be it late for the ski season, but the accommodation on the ski mountain had all but sold out. 


Online platforms offered nothing and without contacts, homeless and cold but hopeful and happy, we approached strangers in the streets of Whistler asking if they know someone with a room for rent.


After a week of this, we had zero viable options. Whistler was popular, and we were late to the party.

Tired and depleted, money nearly spent, we sat on the balcony of our Airbnb in Squamish, a small town 45mins south of Whistler, and lit up Van style…

What the hell to do now?

Fly back home, tail between our legs. I would have to move back in with my parents, and get used to the 8-6 life. And Ola back to grind of draining part time work while pursuing a difficult career in the music industry.

That’s when Ola had one of her crazy ideas that have carried us on many adventures through the years.


Why are we looking for just one room in Whistler? Let's rent five in Squamish, re-rent the rooms and live for free? Olas' brother, Kamil, saw sense in our idea and lent us the funds.


The deal was done. We sat on the living room floor of our 5 bed in Squamish, eating our peanut butter sandwiches and looking at the $7 left in our account. 

At that moment we both smiled. We knew we had made a good decision.


All the rooms rented and we spent the next six months in the snowy town of Squamish, driving to Whister every day to snowbard and enjoying evening meals and beer with the most epic people we could hope for.


Back then, it wasn't called Coliving, but it was that magical winter of 2015/16 that we fell in love with the concept of what we now know as Evolve Coliving.

Two countries and six homes later, here we are. With systems, processes and a small team.


Sounds like a community focused home and adventure you've been searching for? 


Now it time for you to take action, and reap the reward, just as we did. 

SO if your looking for a place that offers more than just a room, Evolve Coliving is a vibrant, community-focused 15-bedroom villa in the Mediterranean island of Malta. Specifically designed for digital nomads, remote workers and entrepreneurs to connect, enjoy work-life balance and have fun ❤️


You won't just be booking a stay, you're joining a community. 


Doubt and uncertainty have held you back for too long. 

Apply Today

From our raw Instagram stories, to our vast Google reviews, website videos, and direct contact with the founders, Ola and myself, we hope we have offered a transparency that combats your fears.  

So take your first crazy step.

Apply today and start your next grand adventure with us!

See you soon,

Ola & Matt

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