Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa

Everything you need to know about the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa

Exploring the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa: Eligibility, Requirements and Process

On October 15, 2021, the Council of Ministers gave the green light to launch the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa Program, capping the number of residence permits at 100, now increased to 500.

So, if you are a digital nomad seeking a fresh perspective on your remote working journey, why not check out Cyprus? A perfect blend of history, culture, and modernity awaits.

We’ll explore the recently introduced Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa, its eligibility criteria, the application process, and the advantages it offers for those looking to work remotely and enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle.

So, let us guide you through the practicalities as you prepare to embark on an exciting new chapter of your digital nomad adventure in Cyprus!

Short Summary

  • Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa Scheme offers a 3-year tax exemption and lifestyle benefits to non-EU/EEA citizens.


  • Eligibility criteria include being non-EU/EEA citizen, having employment outside Cyprus and monthly income of €3,500.


  • Cyprus is a fun and safe growing tech hub, and provides affordable accommodation & co-working spaces.

Understanding the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa

The Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa Scheme is a unique program.

It is designed to welcome remote workers from non-EU/EEA countries to work and reside in Cyprus for with a cost-effective visa fee of €70 and the possibility of an extension for a further two years.

With a stable business ecosystem, well-defined legal regulations, and advanced telecommunications technology, Cyprus provides the perfect environment for remote workers to thrive and enjoy a healthy work-life balance. The Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa scheme is another key element in their efforts to build an ecosystem for digital nomads.

Eligibility Criteria for the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa

Before diving into the crystal clear waters of Cyprus, it’s essential to understand the eligibility criteria for the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa.

Applicants must be

  1. Be a nonEU/EEA citizens,

  2. Work using telecommunications technology for an employer or clients outside Cyprus,

  3. Possess a stable income of €3,500/m.

Let’s explore these requirements in detail.

Citizenship, Income and Employment Requirements

To qualify for the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa, applicants must be able to provide proof of being a nonEU/EEA citizen who works remotely for a foreign employer or clients abroad.

The minimum requirement for the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa is a sufficient monthly net income of €3,500 (after the deduction of contributions and taxes), which must be proved with three months of bank statements.

This ensures that digital nomads have enough funds to support themselves and their families in Cyprus without relying on local employment or government assistance.

Required Documents for the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa

  • Valid Passport: Ensure your passport is valid for at least three months beyond your planned arrival date in Cyprus.
  • Two Photos: Provide two passport-sized photos that meet the Schengen visa photo criteria.
  • Filled Application Form: Complete, sign, and have the application form notarized.
  • Remote Work Evidence: Present documentation like a work contract to verify you'll be working remotely while in Cyprus.
  • Financial Means: Demonstrate a minimum earning of €3,500/m (after the deduction of contributions and taxes) to show you have adequate financial resources.
  • Income Verification: Submit bank statements and payslips as proof of your monthly income.
  • Updated CV: Provide a current CV detailing your professional and academic history.
  • Intent Letter: Write a letter outlining your reasons for working remotely from Cyprus and what you intend to do during your stay.
  • Health Insurance: Secure medical insurance covering at least €30,000 for health and accident coverage for your stay in Cyprus.
  • Accommodation Details: Submit evidence of your Cyprus accommodation, such as a rental agreement or purchase agreement. More on this below.
  • Criminal Record: Obtain a certificate from local police verifying you have a clear criminal history.

Documents must be translated into English to be considered valid. Additionally, an Apostille or Cyprus embassy stamp is required for authentication.

Residence Requirements

In addition to income and employment requirements, applicants must secure a suitable residence in Cyprus to qualify for the digital nomad visa.

This can be achieved by purchasing a property or signing a rental agreement for a house or apartment.

Providing proof of residence through a title deed or rental agreement is essential when submitting the visa application, as it serves as a digital nomad residence permit.

Application Process for Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa

Now that you’re familiar with the eligibility criteria and ll the required documents, including a valid passport, evidence of income, proof of health insurance, and proof of residence etc.

As mentioned above, let’s delve into the application process for the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa, which uncovers a tricky situation.

Submitting the Application form

The official MVIS6 form states "The application shall be submitted to the Central Offices of the Civil Registry and Migration Department (CRMD) in Nicosia, or at District Units of the Aliens and Immigration Service of Police for the other Districts"

The official government doc Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa Scheme also states step one for submission is "The applicant enters Cyprus with a tourist visa (where necessary)"

Panayiota Photiou, an Administrative Officer of the Civil Registry and Migration Department, stated "Yes, applicants must enter Cyprus with a valid visa and then apply for a residence permit under this scheme."

This means the application can only be submitted in Cyprus!

Then, within three months of arriving in Cyprus, the applicant should submit the necessary forms along with your signature and biometric data to the Civil Registry and Migration Department in Nicosia or at District Units of the Aliens and Immigration Service of Police for the other Districts to secure a residence permit, along with the applicable fees.

The application fee for the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa is €70. This fee must be paid in order to apply for the visa.

Once all fees have been paid, if the application process is complete, you’ll receive your temporary residence permit.

If the applicant already resides in Cyprus under a different legal status, they can apply for a residence permit at the Civil Registry and Migration Department in Nicosia or at District Units of the Aliens and Immigration Service of Police for the other Districts.

Estimating the processing time for a digital nomad visa in Cyprus takes five to seven weeks. This is the standard waiting period. However, it can take two to three months to receive an answer about your visa application.

You can begin enjoying your new life as a digital nomad in Cyprus.

Living as a Digital Nomad in Cyprus

Cyprus offers an exceptional quality of life for digital nomads, with stunning beaches, rich history, abundant nature, and a balanced work-life atmosphere.

With its favourable climate, reliable internet providers, coworking spaces, and established community of digital nomads and entrepreneurs, Cyprus is an excellent choice for your lifestyle.

It has also been recognised as a burgeoning hub for tech innovation in Europe, thanks to its business-friendly atmosphere, attractive relocation benefits, and advantageous intellectual property laws.

In this section, we’ll explore the various aspects of living as a digital nomad in Cyprus, including accommodation, co-working spaces, and internet connectivity.

Accommodation in Cyprus is generally affordable, with many options available.

Accommodation and Co-working Spaces

In Cyprus, digital nomads can find various housing options and co-working spaces to suit various budgets and preferences.

Popular cities among digital nomads include Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol, and Paphos, each offering unique experiences and a vibrant community of like-minded individuals.

Co-working spaces, cafes, beachside bars, and restaurants are available throughout Cyprus, providing comfortable environments for remote work.

These spaces often offer desks, Wi-Fi, parking, Skype, and conference and event rooms, catering to the diverse needs of digital nomads and ensuring a productive and enjoyable work experience.

Internet Connectivity and Infrastructure

One of the most crucial aspects of the digital nomad lifestyle is reliable internet connectivity.

Fortunately, Cyprus provides reliable internet connectivity and a well-developed digital infrastructure for digital nomads.

The country boasts quality internet providers and services, ensuring you can stay connected and work efficiently from anywhere on the island.

In addition to the coworking spaces, cafes in Cyprus are all equipped with Wi-Fi, allowing digital nomads to work from various locations while enjoying the local culture and cuisine.

With its advanced telecommunications technology, Cyprus is a top choice for remote workers seeking a seamless and enjoyable digital nomad experience.

Cost of Living in Cyprus

In addition to the appealing lifestyle and visa benefits, Cyprus offers a similar, if not slightly more expensive, than the cost of living in Malta. As per Eurostat, Malta’s cost of living was 11.4% lower than the EU average in 2021, so not bad compared to other European countries

Taxation for Digital Nomads in Cyprus

Understanding the taxation system in Cyprus is crucial when planning to reside in the country.

Digital nomads staying in Cyprus for more than 183 days in a year are categorized as tax residents.

This is applicable only if they don’t have to pay taxes to any other country. However, the Digital Nomad Visa offers a tax exemption for stays of less than 183 days.

For tax residents, Cyprus has a favourable tax system. Tax residents of Cyprus are liable to pay personal income tax on any income earned in the country. However, all other income is exempt from taxation.

Digital nomads in Cyprus can also benefit from a 50% exemption from income tax for ten years if they fulfil specific requirements, with the first €20,000 taxed at 0% and the tax rate increasing later to between 20% and 35%.

This favourable tax system makes Cyprus an attractive option for digital nomads compared to other countries.

Family Members and the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa

If you want to travel to Cyprus with your family, the Digital Nomad Visa permits your close relatives to accompany you.

This includes your partner and dependents, such as parents and children. Spouses or partners in a civil union and underage children are permitted to reside in Cyprus for the same duration as the digital nomad.

Family members enjoy the same residency rights as the primary applicant, ensuring your loved ones can join you on your Mediterranean adventure.

However, it’s important to note that family members cannot work in Cyprus while on the Digital Nomad Visa.

Family members of digital nomads, such as a spouse or partner in a civil union and underage children, can reside in Cyprus for the same duration.

Still, they cannot engage in any economic activities, ensuring that the primary purpose of their stay in Cyprus is to accompany and not to seek employment or engage in business activities.

Renewing and Extending the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa

The initial validity period of the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa is one year, but it can be renewed for an additional two years.

You must submit all necessary documents to the Civil Registry and Migration Department in Nicosia at least a month before the end of your residence permit validity period if you wish to apply for an extension. Failure to do so may result in a refusal of your application.

By renewing and extending your Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa, you can continue to enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle, work remotely, and explore the beautiful island of Cyprus for up to three years.

This allows ample time to immerse yourself in the local culture, expand your professional network, and create lasting memories with your family and fellow digital nomads.

Comparing Cyprus to Other Digital Nomad Destinations

While there are several digital nomad destinations worldwide, such as Estonia, Portugal, and Barbados, Cyprus is an appealing option for digital nomads due to its cost-effectiveness, lifestyle, and visa advantages.

The Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa offers a more affordable lifestyle than other digital nomad destinations, making it an attractive choice for remote workers seeking to maximize their budget without sacrificing their quality of life.

Moreover, Cyprus boasts an enjoyable lifestyle with beautiful beaches, a rich history, a well-connected digital infrastructure, and a welcoming community of digital nomads and entrepreneurs.

When comparing Cyprus to other digital nomad destinations, it’s clear that the island offers a unique blend of benefits that make it an ideal choice for remote workers seeking a fresh perspective and a vibrant, fulfilling lifestyle.

The Summary

In conclusion, the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa offers an exciting opportunity for non-EU/EEA citizens to work remotely and enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle for up to three years.

With its favourable tax system, affordable cost of living, well-developed digital infrastructure, and provisions for family members, Cyprus stands out as an ideal destination for digital nomads seeking a new adventure.

Whether you’re a seasoned remote worker or just starting your digital nomad journey, Cyprus offers a unique blend of history, culture, and modernity that will inspire and enrich your experience.

Start planning your next chapter on the beautiful island of Cyprus, and embrace the Mediterranean life as a digital nomad!

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Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cyprus have a digital nomad visa?
Yes, Cyprus has a digital nomad visa, which enables you to work remotely for any foreign employer registered outside of the country.
How long does it take to get a digital nomad visa in Cyprus?
It usually takes five to seven weeks to obtain a digital nomad visa in Cyprus. However, depending on the embassy, processing times may take up to three months.
Can I work remotely in Cyprus?
Yes, you can work remotely in Cyprus. The country has a digital nomad visa scheme open to non-EU nationals. Initially, the ceiling was set at 100 visas, but it has since been increased to 500 visas.
Can I visit Cyprus with UK BRP?
Yes, you can visit Cyprus with a UK BRP, as it does not require a visa for stays of up to 90 days. However, ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months on entry with two blank pages and issued in the previous ten years.

For longer stays or other purposes, check the guidance from the Cyprus High Commission.
What is the minimum monthly income requirement for the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa?
The Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa requires a minimum monthly income of €3,500 after tax and contributions.

Which countries offer
Digital Nomad Visas in 2023?

To conclude, here is the full list of countries, where you can get a Digital Nomad Visa in 2023:

Andorra* Dominica Mexico
Anguilla Dubai Montenegro*
Antigua and Barbuda Dominica Mexico
Argentina* Estonia North Macedonia
Aruba Georgia Norway
Bagamas Germany Panama
Barbados Greece Romania
Belize Hungary Saint Lucia
Bermuda Iceland Seychelles
Cabo Verde Indonesia South Africa*
Cayman Islands Italy* Spain
Croatia Latvia Sri Lanka*
Curaçao Malta Taiwan
Cyprus Mauritius Czech Republic
Andorra* Cyprus Mauritius
Anguilla Czech Republic Mexico
Antigua and Barbuda Dominica Montenegro*
Argentina* Dubai Montserrat
Arminia Ecuador Namibia
Aruba Egypt* North Macedonia
Australia Estonia Norway
Bagamas Georgia Panama
Bahamas Germany Portugal/Lisbon
Barbados Greece Romania
Belize Hungary Saint Lucia
Bermuda Iceland Seychelles
Cabo Verde India* (Goa) South Africa*
Cayman Islands Indonesia/Bali Spain
Colombia Italy* Sri Lanka*
Costa Rica Latvia Taiwan
Croatia Malaysia Thailand*
Curaçao Malta

*Digital Nomad Visa introduced but not yet implemented

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