Top Destinations for LGBT Digital Nomads

When choosing a destination as an LGBT person, it is essential to know that your lifestyle is not just “accepted” but actively welcomed. Many a trip has been soured by people looking askance at queer couples holding hands in public or kissing, things that it is normal for any couple to do. 

Some people have even been assaulted in the street for expressing their love for each other openly. In some countries, it is far worse, and you can still get into serious legal trouble due to outdated homosexuality laws. 

Knowing that you are safe and accepted is vital for relaxing and enjoying a trip. This is especially true for digital nomads, who often stay in one place for longer than most tourists. This is why we have compiled a list of the top destinations for LGBT digital nomads.

Valletta, Malta

The ancient capital of Malta is highly rated by LGBT people because of the friendliness and accepting nature of local people and tourists alike.

It is a vibrant destination that will charm first-time visitors or even those who have been several times already. 

Malta doesn’t have an official “gay area”, and this is both because of its small size and the fact that it is such an LGBT-friendly place that it has no real need for one.

There are a few excellent gay bars spread across the island but most of these are in Valletta itself.

Valletta is a tiny city that occupies less than a square kilometre and has only 6,000 permanent inhabitants.

There is also a combined street food and LGBT history tour, which should afford visitors the chance to try some amazing food and meet other queer people at the same time. 

Evolve Coliving is less than 20 minutes from Valletta. It’s not an exclusively gay accommodation option, but most people who stay there are young and open-minded.

You will find a warm welcome, a strong sense of community, and excellent facilities.

Porto, Portugal

Portugal is known for being a top destination for digital nomads, and the friendliness and welcoming attitude toward LGBT visitors helps Porto to join our list.

The year-round climate is fantastic, and there is always something interesting to do.

There is a large selection of gay bars, clubs and cafes to visit in Porto, including Pride Cafe, which is a gay cafe during the day and, at night, becomes a bar. 

Zoom is one of Porto’s trendiest nightclubs and attracts the most beautiful and fabulous people.

Three hours by car from Lisbon, Porto is significantly less expensive than the capital city and arguably has a comparable nightlife for the LGBT community.

There are also cafes with fast internet for remote working and coworkings like Porto i/o and Synergy Coworking.

In terms of coliving spaces, Porto is pretty well-served with LIV Colife and Camilo Co-living, as well as some of the better-known brands such as Outsite.

Coworksurf has a coliving 30 mins away in Esmoriz that is geared to those who enjoy surfing and water sports.

Barcelona, Spain

Spain is often regarded as one of the most LGBT-friendly destinations in the world, and Barcelona has some genuinely amazing nightlife and culture to explore.

Many visitors describe the gay nightlife in Barcelona as insane, in the best possible sense of the word. Frenetic, vibrant and addictive may be other ways to describe it.

If you are looking for a more laid-back vibe or to recover during the daytime by stretching out on a lounger, there are also LGBT-friendly beaches at San Sebastian and Platja de la Mar Bella.

Barcelona’s Pride is also an experience that is not to be missed.

There are all of the digital nomad amenities you would expect in a large city, with coworkings and fast internet throughout Barcelona.

There is widespread free public Wi-Fi at popular destinations around the city, including libraries, parks, and beaches. 

As well as coworking spaces, cafes and free public Wi-Fi, there are also several excellent coliving places available.

These include Enso Coliving and Enter Coliving which each offer several options within the city. 

Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand is considered a very tolerant country with a friendly disposition toward LGBT people.

Particularly within larger cities such as Bangkok, nobody will even look twice at people of the same gender being affectionate toward each other. 

Bangkok held the first-ever Pride festival in Southeast Asia in 1999 and has held one yearly since.

Bangkok's LGBT nightlife is vibrant, varied, and wild, with fun to be had all over the city, especially in and around the Silom area.

Bangkok caters well to people who work remotely, and there is fast internet anywhere in the city.

There is good free Wi-Fi in many cafes and restaurants, and digital nomads are usually welcome as long as they are buying something in addition to taking up space. 

There are some excellent coliving options, as you would expect.

Lita Bangkok offers nine en-suite studios with numerous shared living spaces to hang out and make friends with other travellers. 

Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria, Spain

Gran Canaria is known for being very gay-friendly, probably more so than any other Canary Island.

The Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas areas are particularly well known, home to the Yumbo Centre, which houses many gay bars and clubs.

There are also exclusively gay hotels and resorts for those who want to completely kick back and chill away from the gaze of the outside world. 

The Maspalomas sand dunes also hide a gay beach where total nudity is permitted and encouraged.

Gran Canaria is a year-round attraction, but arriving for the annual pride celebrations in May in Playa Del Ingles will offer a fantastic experience and celebration of LGBT culture.

Most of the coliving options are in the North of the Island, around a 30-minute drive from Playa del Ingles.

There are some lovely options, such as El Cabo coliving in Agaete and CoworkingC in the capital, Las Palmas.

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