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Experience the ultimate lifestyle that has given us so much fun, freedom, energy and new exeriences.

Welcome to EVOLVE. There is NOTHING ELSE LIKE THIS!! Over the past five epic years, we have set up 5 beautiful homes, refined the coliving concept beyond anything to date, and hosted tons of incredible Colivers.
Here you get access to an incredible Coliving & Coworking Community of dozens of real-life 20-45-year-old ambitious & creative professionals. And now we have a very limited number of spots so you can join us and experience a lifestyle so many levels ahead of anything else you have experienced before!
Rooftop jacuzzi
Large garden
Open fireplace
Table tennis 
Board games
and more

The full lifestyle

Imagine you had the opportunity to move into an incredible mansion with a ready-made awesome social circle that elevates your mood, productivity, fun, revenue and adventures.

🚀  Are you looking to level up your life?

🚀  Want to escape the 9-5?

🚀  Have you already escaped and are looking to double down your results by leveraging a knowledgeable community?

🚀  Are you looking to spend time with an uplifting and supportive crowd of like-minded free-thinking, entrepreneurial, creative and independent individuals?

🚀  Want an incredible work/life balance that means you can seamlessly mix #GETTINGSHITDONE with sun, fun and freedom?

Then this is for you!

It is shocking we have managed to stuff so much value in a package that only cost a little bit more than the old option of living in a room / flat or apartment by yourself or with whoever else the landlord has landed you with, fingers crossed they clean up!!

To live how we live, typically you have to work your way up the ladder and when you have the money to buy a place like this you're too old to enjoy it. And you don't tend to have a community of ambitious friends, like F.R.I.E.N.D.S who want to move in with you.

The value we have packed into our offer is astronomical when you tally up the costs of everything we offer. And that's before you consider the time & money you save by getting quick answers to business problems, or even the money you save by always having epic dinners prepared for you or simply not spending money on taxies, restaurants and bar priced drinks. We ask you... Can you afford not to colive?

Can you afford not to colive?

All of the below amounts are the additional value you receive with the Evolve model compared to other standard options that are included in our price already or are additional costs that you can avoid by staying with us. 

Gym Jacuzzi & pool access

Enjoy access to two pools, a jacuzzi and a gym, all included in your rental price and less than 30 seconds walk from your room for added convenience.


Coworking access

Enjoy a coworking space full of other ambitious and driven remote workers five seconds from your fridge and free coffee.


Table tennis, bar, garden & BBQ access

Honestly, this combo simply doesn't exist in Malta. Imagine all this with good people and bring your own policy for food and drink.


Rent direct from reviewed Landlord

Renting from recommended landlords with google reviews means no agency fees and peace of mind and security regarding the return of your damage deposit.

50% of 1m rent

Food drink & travel

With so much on your doorstep, enjoy the convenience of supermarket alcohol and food in an amazing environment with great people. Additionally, save money from the general sharing economy in the form of shared dinners, group discounts, community items and more save environmental waste and your money.


1261m2 of shared space

The San Gwann Property is 1668 m2 of total space, 436 m2 garden space & 1261 m2 of shared internal space.


Total monthly additional value compared to standard options.

The numbers look crazy! But that's the value of the shared space, and still not even considering the intangible value of the community itself.


Evolve Room Categories

Choose your room category to determine the cost and see what's included.

Pictures of all rooms are below.

Room Categories

Kings Landing

Fancy As F.

Solid Choice


€ / M (BASE)

1195 - 1595

945 - 1295

895 - 1245

745 - 1095

Summer fee: May-Oct 





Services (Details Below)










In Room Workspace

Community & Events

Coworking Space

Pool & Rooftop Jacuzzi

1268m2 Of Shared Space

Private Lounge

Private Terrace


Private Kitchen

Service Package

The below services are €145 in addition to the base room cost. This comes back to being for working and ambitious professionals and not a student or a party house. Clean home, clean mind 😀


We are not a student / party house. We believe a clean house provides a clean mind.

Because we are a home for professionals, and it is a big home we have the common areas cleaned daily to maintain a high standards. This means no cleaning wheels, no chores, no frustrations. Only cleaning up after yourself

House shopping is all the shared shopping the house uses. We buy this in bulk and bring them to the house so you don't have to. This includes tea / coffee / spices / oil / condiments / toilet paper / cleaning products / laundry detergent and more. Groceries and milk are not included.

House shopping

To utilise the shared economy


Our eco friendly approach keeps these down

The utilities portion covers electricity / water / 500/20 MBits wifi mesh network which gets steady connection in all the rooms and shared areas, even out by the pool) / pool & laundry.

The White House Rooms

A pre-booking call is required to ensure a good fit for both parties. 

So book a call to secure a room and for the exact availability and prices!

1. Solid Choice

This lovely room is tucked away at the front of the house, it features a good size window and lots of light, plus you get very little traffic noise as the road is very far away.
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2. Kings Landing

This large and stunning suite has a kitchen with beautiful maltese shutters and an iron gate that opens out right onto the pool. With nice internal arches and your own seating area you will feel right at home. 
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3. Solid Choice

This cozy room is situated right next to the pool and gym, so a quick work out  and a dip are never out of the question.
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4. Fancy as F**k

This stunning room features two large corner windows lets in lots of light. Perfect for setting up shop and getting some work done or curling up and reading a good book.  
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5. Solid Choice

Cozy room with maltese shutters opening up onto a private balcony with sea views overlooking the pool. Perfect to enjoy your morning coffee on.
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6. Solid Choice

This large room features a good size window and lots of light, it is also conveniently located close to the main amenities so you can be the first to the coffee in the morning.
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Pictures Coming Soon

7. Kings Landing

This suite features beautiful arches, your own private terrace and enough room for an entire gymnast team to train for the olympics.
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8. Kings Landing

Luxury doesn't do this gem justice. It's your own private apartment  with a huge terrace in a luxury villa.
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9. Decent

This cosy room is at the front of the house atop the marvelous staircase. It features a good size window letting in plenty of light. 
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10. Decent

This cosy room is at the front of the house atop the marvelous staircase. It features a good size window letting in plenty of light.
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11. Solid Choice

This good size room is at the pool level, in the corner and has its own private half-bathroom.
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12. Solid Choice

This good size room is at the front of the house and has plenty of light.
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13. Kings Landing

This stunning chasm of space has one balcony and another huge terrace, both with sea views overlooking the pool.
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14. Solid Choice

Large room at the front of the house with plenty of light.
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15. Fancy as F**k

This large room is situated at the front corner of the house in a world of its own, with two large windows with sea views and lots of natural light, you might just get lost in here and never come out.
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