Best Coliving Hotels for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

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The best coliving hotels 2024

Evolve believes Coliving is the future for Digital Nomads, entreprenures and remote workers. That’s why it doesn’t come as a surprise that this idea is quickly evolving. One branch of this concept Evolve Coliving are experimenting with is coliving hotels. Combining the comfort and privacy of a hotel with living in the same property as like-minded individuals. Here are the best coliving hotels 2024.

Do you want a private en-suite hotel room with mini fridge, safe, TV, AC, seating, workspace, highspeed wifi, and, an on-site coworking spaces you can enjoy with a likeminded group of Digital Nomads, remote workers and entreprenures? Then you have come to the right place!

The aim of this article is not only to give an in-depth introduction to a coliving hotel, but also to tell you which ones are your best options.


Coliving Hotel

What is coliving?

As you’ve made it to this article, we assume that you already know what coliving is.

For those of you that are not familiar with this revolutionary concept, we want to give a short definition to start with.

Coliving comes in many different forms, but consists of an intentional community that shares a living space, and also a variety of values, beliefs or interests. Evolve Coliving specifically is a modern form of shared living, where the residents are mainly 20-45yr old Digital Nomads, entrepreneurs or remote workers.

Community come first in colivings as people not only work together in the coworking area, but also tend to plan activities and trips together in their free time.

Last but not least, coliving provides you with a lot of freedom and flexibility, since rent agreements come in a variety of forms, giving you the chance to come and go whenever you want.

What is a coliving hotel?

As the name implies, a coliving hotel is a mixture of a coliving and a hotel. That being said, it combines the best of both worlds such as a coworking space and shared kitchen on the one hand and more fully equipped and exclusive private rooms on the other hand.

In coliving hotels, each guest has their own private and ensuite room. However, the properties include shared common areas such as: kitchen, living room and coworking and are therefore designed in a way to enhance community.

The most exclusive coliving hotels feature a wide variety of luxury amenities such as a pool, rooftop Jacuzzi and even their own gym.

What all coliving formats have in common is that they have a coworking space as central element.

The rooms are mainly there, in case you need some privacy and rest, while most guests spend a majority of their time in the communal areas.

The price includes everything such as utilities, coworking, high-speed internet as well as the use of the gym and spa.
Evolve Coliving Hotel

The best coliving hotels

Here are the best coliving hotels 2024:

Evolve Coliving, Malta

#1 Evolve Coliving, Malta

Evolve is located in the best part of the sunny island of Malta and in walking distance to the beautiful Ballutta Bay and Exiles beach.

The property is a wonderful and original Maltese Townhouse, which features nine modern and fully refurbished rooms.

On the stunning rooftop there is a Jacuzzi, sun loungers and a barbecue, making it the perfect place to relax.

The coworking area is situated in the beautiful living room next to the shared kitchen.

All rooms are private with ensuite bathroom. They have air conditioning, a balcony, a desk, a fridge, safety box and a large flat-screen TV.

#2 Studio Coliving Hotel, Panama

Studio is situated in the heart of Panama City. The best thing about this place is that it has several accommodation options to choose from. Starting with a single studio up to a luxury suite.

The hotel has its own coworking space, restaurant, gym, pool, Jacuzzi and bar and all of that in the city centre.

The rooms feature all amenities such as air-conditioning, an office desk, a fridge, a stovetop, a safety deposit box, a flat-screen TV, a terrace and a private bathroom.

On top of that, Studio Coliving has flexible rents and puts a lot of effort to strengthen the community.
Studio Coliving Hotel

Benefits of a coliving hotel

Although the list is currently short, we hope to see it grown in the coming years. Because if you are a Digital Nomad and you have just arrived in a new destination, you have never been before, then you might feel the urge to meet other people. Coliving hotels are solving that!

By moving to a coliving hotel, you are automatically part of a community and can meet like-minded people and other Digital Nomads, remote workers and entrepreneurs.

Another big benefit of a coliving hotel is that you are guaranteed your own and very comfortable room.

Further advantages
of coliving hotels

In general coliving hotels provide a lot of freedom and flexibility and are therefore a great fit in the fast-changing working environment.

  • Community: As mentioned above, coliving hotels give you the chance to benefit from a strong community, while having the same comfort and privacy as in a hotel or apartment.

    They enhance your personal growth and strengthen your network, while at the same time providing enough privacy to focus on your work in busy times.
  • Different accommodation options to choose from: Some coliving hotels even have several different rooms to meet your personal preferences and budget. You can choose from single and double rooms up to luxury suits.
  • Flexible Rents: Digital Nomads often stay in one location only 1-3 months and then move one. That’s why they can’t sign long-term rental contracts and need flexible rents. Coliving hotels offer exactly that.


Coliving hotels combine the best of both worlds: The comfort of a hotel and all the benefits of the revolutionary coliving concept.

In addition to that, they are an excellent choice for first-timers, who are not sure if coliving is for them, since the private rooms function as an area of retreat.

Coliving is the future for Digital Nomads and remote workers. That’s the reason, why more and more real estate owners are looking to convert hotels into colivings to meet the demands of this new digital and remote era.
What coliving hotels have you had a positive experience in? Let us know in the comments.
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